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john unsworth

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John Unsworth

Vice Provost, University Librarian, and Chief Information Officer
PhD, University of Virginia

John Unsworth is the vice provost, university librarian and chief information officer at Brandeis. He is also a Professor of English.  

Before coming to Brandeis, Unsworth was dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign from 2003 to 2012, with faculty appointments in Library & Information Science, English, and Library Administration.  He served as the first director of the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, and a faculty member in the English department at the University of Virginia from 1993 to 2003.  His first faculty appointment was in English, at North Carolina State University, from 1989 to 1993.

Unsworth has helped to establish the field of digital humanities, for which he has been recognized with the 2005 Richard W. Lyman Award from the National Humanities Center, and with a 2012 presidential nomination to the National Humanities Council.

Unsworth received a BA, magna cum laude, from Amherst College, an MA from Boston University and a PhD from the University of Virginia.