Profile: Madeline Engeler ‘16

Madeline Engeler in front of a monument in IndiaMajors: Biology & Health: Science, Society, and Policy

Semester/year abroad & program: Spring 2015, Brandeis-Indian Institute Science Scholars Program

Reason you chose this program: This program allowed me to not only study abroad as a science major, but gave me the opportunity to study at a challenging level of academic rigor and research at one of India's top institutes.

Why did you choose to study abroad when you did: To immerse myself in a culture and to meet the most fascinating people from across the globe. And to eat Indian food!

Classes you are taking: Physiology, Biochemistry, Introduction to Earth Systems & Lab

How does the education system of your host country differ to the US: Due to the sheer number of students, every aspect of education is much more competitive and you are held to a high standard to excel.

Favorite class(es): Physiology

Housing situation: Dormitory

Madeline Engeler at an Indian wedding
Maddie and friends at an Indian wedding

Best memory thus far: Attending an Indian wedding

Greatest challenge and how you overcame it: Overcoming initial culture shock. Dealt with it head on by immersing myself in the culture though traveling as much as possible.

What you know now that you didn't know before: The greatest part about studying abroad is the people you meet, not the places you see. I have made friendships with students across the globe that I will cherish forever.

Anything else you'd like to add: Everyone should study abroad! Once in a lifetime experience that I will remember for my whole life.

Madeline Engeler and friends at the Hindu festival, Holi

Maddie and her friends celebrate Holi