How to say Thank You!

Italian- Grazie!

German- Danke!

French- Merci!

Spanish- Gracias!

Danish - Tak!

Language Learning


Many students go abroad to improve their foreign language skills. Language learning can often be frustrating and embarrassing, but you should remember that the more attempts you make, the more often you’ll succeed. Attempting to speak the language will bring you closer to the people of your host country and open up opportunities to experience your host country more fully. People will appreciate your questions and your effort to participate in their customs. They would prefer that you make mistakes rather than remain silent in fear, which can often be perceived as coldness. Your efforts are likely to overshadow your “accent” and your errors, and the more you speak, the more you will improve. Try to make friends with the locals so that you can learn fun phrases and slang. These simple language lessons can teach you not only about new words, but about the culture in the way the expressions are delivered.