Student Diversity, Ethnicity and Race Abroad Resources

Diversity Abroad A portal with study abroad information for underrepresented students.

"Top 10 Reasons for African American Students to go Abroad" An article dispelling the myths associated with African Americans studying abroad.

The Project for Learning Abroad, Training and Outreach (PLATO) PLATO Project is an integrated study abroad training, certification, and diversity outreach program.  PLATO provides comprehensive support resources for study abroad to all U.S. college and university students with special support for underrepresented students.

Brown University Diversity Issues in Study Abroad A collection of quotes by Brown University students about their experiences abroad.

Diversity, Ethnicity, and Race Abroad

Students should be aware that, as in the United States, some societies are more open and accepting of diversity than others. People react differently to looks and behaviors to which they are not accustomed or that appear unusual to them. Racial and ethnic minority students’ reports are varied, from those exhilarated by being free of the American context of race relations, to those who experienced different degrees of curiosity about their ethnicity. You may have to deal with the possibility of outright racism abroad and/or the possibility of insensitive attitudes. The links to the right are provided for you to understand and better grasp what traveling abroad means for diverse students.