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Study Abroad Ambassadors have regular office hours and you'll see at events on campus. Ask them about their experiences abroad!

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Summer Abroad

For information on the summer study abroad process, go here.

Accepted to Go Abroad


Brandeis Students Abroad

Congratulations! You've been approved by Brandeis to earn credit for your study abroad program(s). You still have a few steps to complete and this section will help you determine what you have left to do.

  • Apply to your program! Acceptance by Brandeis does not mean the program has accepted you into their program yet.
  • Continue to access your online study abroad account and complete any outstanding materials as they become available.
  • Research your new home and sign up for alerts about relevant news.
  • Stay connected with the Office of Study Abroad, internationally focused events on campus, and reach out when you have questions.

If you're looking for a specific form or handout, please visit the Forms and Handouts section of the website.