Advantages to Fall


Amman, Jordan

There are some great reasons students might want to consider going away for the Fall semester. Below is a list of reasons that studying abroad in the fall can be a great advantage to you. We also have extra money available for students who go abroad in the fall.

Reasons to Study Abroad in the FALL

Go Away with More

  • Going in the Fall means you'll have more time to prepare for your sojourn –the more you know before you go, the more you get out of the experience!
  • Take advantage of extra time over the summer to read up on your host country's history and culture, and to brush up your language skills.
Size Matters
  • Fewer people on your program and in your classes means better integration and more personal attention from instructors and administrators.
  • Nationally, more people study abroad in the Spring than the Fall – buck the trend and beat the crowds!
Increase your Chances of Getting Into a Unique Experience
  • Fall programs tend to fill less quickly and often have less strict GPA and pre-requisite requirements.
  • Have your heart set on a selective or popular program? Fall is usually your best bet for getting in.
Minimize Internship Stress
  • Fewer people in your host location in the Fall means less competition for the best internship/ research and field placements.
  • Be back at Brandeis in the Spring so you can apply and interview for summer internships.
Beat the Cold
  • As we're entering the cold winter season here in North America, Spring is transitioning to Summer in the Southern hemisphere – enjoy the "winter" break in 80 degree weather.
  • Fall is also a great time to visit the U.K. In the words of one returned student who spent a year in Ireland, "Spring term is colder, rainier and gloomier" (There are new Fall options in the U.K.).
Experience Different Holiday Traditions
  • Discover new holidays and new interpretations of the holidays you thought you knew.
  • Share your own holiday traditions with new friends and family.
Be on Campus for Spring Student Life
  • Be back on campus to participate in Culture X and other student life events.
  • It may be important to be on campus in the spring for some leadership opportunities such as CA, Club leadership, and Roosevelt Fellow selection.