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The courses will equal 16 credits per semester. Local faculty from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are hired to teach classes specifically designed for program participants in advanced language, culture, and civilization. The program offers a diverse curriculum allowing students to choose courses that advance their academic and linguistic objectives.  All classes engage students in a variety language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). 

The four course options include:

  • Language (5 hours of Modern Hebrew per week)
  • Directly enroll in courses at BGU
  • Brandeis-Middlebury content courses
  • credit-bearing internships

Students on the program will adhere to the Middlebury College Language Pledge, a promise to speak only the language students are studying for the duration of the program.  Brandeis-Middlebury content courses are listed at the bottom of this page (courses are subject to change).

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From Melting Pot to Multiculturalism: Israeli Identities in Cinema and T.V.

This course explores how Israeli identities have been defined, maintained, and transformed in Israeli Cinema and T.V since the establishment of Israel in 1948 until today.

The nation-building process of modern Israel was based on the model of a 'Melting Pot', the official governmental doctrine of assimilating the Jewish immigrants that came from varying cultures. In this process, the Sabra (Israeli native) and the New Jew(western immigrant) which was modeled on the Ashkenazi elite's way of thinking became the hegemonic norm for Israeli identity. This hegemonic, masculine identity is reproduced today in the image of the IDF combat soldier.

Since the late 70' the model of multiculturalism has become widespread in Israeli society with new identities who play leading roles in Israeli Cinema and T.V such as orthodox Jews, homosexuals, Arabs, and migrant workers.

Israeli Society: Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives

The course will discuss selected issues that express deep, sociological, and cultural structures of Israeli society in the twenty first century. Among the topics covered will be the following: cultural and ethnic conflicts; social segregation, inequality, and class-mobility among different groups.

Direct enrollment course at Ben Gurion University, alongside other Israeli students

Direct enrollment courses are available for advanced students at Ben Gurion University, taken in Hebrew alongside other Israeli students. Course offerings can be found on the BGU website.


As part of the practicum, students will be able to enroll in an independent study or academic internship, provided availability at local institutions.