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Brandeis University Middlebury Program in Israel

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   The Brandeis University-Middlebury Program in Israel (BUMPI) is the first, and only, full Hebrew language immersion program in Israel.  In addition to Hebrew instruction and content-courses, you have various internship/ volunteering options to choose form. The program location (Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva) promises effective and authentic immersion experience. The BGU campus – known for its strong and active Student Union – offers regular activities such as performances at the Student’s House, shows, day trips, and various cultural events.  In fact, many Israeli students choose to study at Ben-Gurion University because of its vibrant campus life.

   Connected to the local community through various social programs, Ben-Gurion University serves as a bridge to the local community and it actively supports and facilitates the students’ connection and integration in the local community. While Beer Sheva is a rapidly developing city, it is not as touristic as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and it is highly unlikely that you will hear any English around you. Brandeis University-Middlebury Program at Ben-Gurion University offers you academic rigor, cultural engagement, and freedom to explore in an authentic city recently branded as “Israel’s Opportunities Capital

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