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There are many wonderful options all over the world for those majoring/minoring in English to study abroad. Many English majors/minors study abroad to gain important cross-cultural perspectives, conduct research, develop their language abilities, or gain global experience teaching those of another culture.

This page contains information that will assist English majors/minors determine how best to integrate study abroad into their Brandeis careers.

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  • Q: How many courses from study abroad can count towards the English major?
  • A: As per department policy, at most two courses can count towards the English major and come from outside the department. This includes study abroad, other courses taught at Brandeis, and other transfer courses.

For information about the English major/minor, please visit the departmental website.

Sample of Approved Programs with English Coursework

Visit the Brandeis Approved Programs List to review a comprehensive list of programs that offer English coursework. Click on "Advanced Search" to find programs with internship options.

Study Abroad Liaison

To assist students with their academic choices abroad and to help answer any questions about receiving major/ minor credit while abroad, each academic department and program has assigned a faculty member to serve as the Study Abroad Liaison. English majors/minors who plan to study abroad should speak with the study abroad liaison before they go abroad, and again once they have returned from study abroad.

The liaison for English is Prof. Laura Quinney

Receiving Credit in English

If the course you have taken elsewhere is a suitable substitution (that is, if it meets the spirit of the departmental requirement), then you should complete an online substitution request at the Registrar's website.  The Study Abroad Liaison will receive notification of your request and make a decision to approve or deny it; if the substitution is accepted, the change will reflect in your Undergraduate Audit on sage.

Please bear in mind that the Brandeis English department allows majors to count a maximum of three courses taken outside the Brandeis English department towards the Brandeis English degree. This includes courses taken while studying abroad, cross-listed courses and transfer courses.

Funding Information

Visit the Study Abroad Financial Information page to read more about funding your study abroad experience.

We welcome your feedback. If you have concerns or are looking for more information on a topic, please let us know!