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Summer Financial Info

For a financial overview of summer study abroad, please visit the summer section of our website.


All Brandeis University students who participate on an approved study abroad program must ensure they obtain coverage from a comprehensive international sickness and accident insurance plan. Many programs will automatically enroll students in a comprehensive plan. Students enrolled in an approved program that does not provide comprehensive international sickness and accident insurance coverage will automatically be enrolled in the Brandeis CISI insurance plan.  Brandeis CISI insurance is optional for summer study abroad students--they should contact the Office of Study Abroad for more information on how to enroll.

Once enrolled, students will be able to login the CISI website to view, print and email their ID card, consulate letter, plan of insurance brochure and claim form.  This plan is offered through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) and underwritten by Virginia Surety Company, Inc.  

We recommend that students studying abroad who extend their stay beyond the stated program length purchase additional coverage from CISI to cover the complete length of their time abroad. This additional coverage can be purchased on the CISI website.

If you need to file a claim, you should login to your CISI account fill out the claim form. Please note that you must have an original, itemized bill for the total amount being claimed. No reimbursement will be considered for medical expenses not accompanied by original bills. If you have further questions about a claim submission, please call CISI directly at 203-399-5511.

Maintaining U.S. Coverage
You must retain your U.S. health insurance, even while overseas. This will cover you both before you leave and after you return from your program.  Should you have an accident or illness overseas that requires long-term care, you will have insurance upon your return to cover these expenses. Please also note that since you will be a full-time Brandeis student while you are abroad, the same insurance regulations that affect you while you are in Waltham will still apply. Please see the University Bulletin or contact the Health Center at 781-736-3677 for more details. Keep in mind that if you have special insurance needs, or if you plan any travel before, during or after the program, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate coverage.

Travel/ Personal Property Insurance
We strongly encourage you to obtain insurance against theft and/ or damage to your personal effects for the period of time you will be abroad. Most programs do not provide insurance for your possessions. Your family's homeowner's insurance or rental insurance may provide coverage.

Brandeis CISI Insurance Frequently Asked Questions:

What period does this insurance cover?
The Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) coverage will be effective for the duration of your approved academic program abroad as defined by Brandeis University. Additional coverage may be purchased for those extending their time abroad.

What does the insurance cover?
You can view the plan details here

What if I already have insurance through my family, the Brandeis University campus plan, or my study abroad program provides insurance?
All students who study abroad must have adequate international sickness and accident insurance. We are committed to ensuring that all students have solid coverage while abroad and that they will be able to receive good medical care should the need arise. If Brandeis University determines that your program does not provide comprehensive international sickness and accident coverage you will be required to purchase the Brandeis CISI insurance plan. The CISI plan is a comprehensive plan designed for study abroad students. We can not evaluate individual or family insurance plans to determine if they meet similar standards.

How much does the insurance cost?
If required, you will be billed $36 (as of 2013-2014) per month for the duration of your approved academic program.

How will I be billed for this insurance?
The cost for the CISI insurance will be billed to your Brandeis University account during the regular billing cycles (July & November). Students studying abroad for the full year on one program will be billed in full in July.

Does this insurance apply to students studying off campus on a U.S. approved program?
No, students on approved U.S. programs are not required to carry an international insurance plan. However, since you will be a full-time Brandeis student, the same insurance regulations about insurance notification to Brandeis will apply. Please see the University Bulletin or contact the Health Center at 781-736-3677 for more details on this policy.

Does this insurance apply to students studying abroad during the summer?
No, but you may wish to purchase additional insurance coverage are eligible to enroll in the Brandeis CISI plan. Please see a staff member before you depart campus for enrollment procedures.

What happens if I decide not to go abroad or come home early ...will I still be charged this insurance fee?
The Brandeis CISI plan goes into effect on the departure date of the program. Should you withdraw early from a program, the remaining unused months, minus any unrecoverable costs, will be refunded to you.

Who can I contact with questions about this policy?
Questions can be directed to any staff member in the Office of Study Abroad at 781-736-3483.