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Prior to the registration period, a Study Abroad staff member will email you with detailed information. While you are off campus, you will be able to register for up to 22 units at anytime during the registration period.

There are three possible ways to participate in registration from overseas:

By sage: There is a link available on Registrar's home page, or go to SAGE directly.
You can log in using your unet ID and password, if you are having difficulties accessing the system,
contact the Unet help desk or 781-529-UNet.

By Fax: You may fax your course selections to the Registrar's office. Please make sure it arrives by 4:00 EST on the day of registration. (781)736-3469

By E-mail: If you will not have Internet access on the day of registration, you can e-mail your course selection in advance. You will receive an e-mail from the Office of Study Abroad 1-2 weeks in advance of registration with information on how to e-mail your course selection.

As soon as the registration information is available, it is posted on the Office of the University Registrar.

If you would like to get a jump start on registration, check out the Registrar's Home Page about three to four weeks before registration begins.

Please note that there is no way that our office can obtain professors' signatures for "signature required enrollment courses." If you need a signature course, you should write/call/e-mail the professor in question and explain your background and situation. If the professor approves your entrance into the class, he or she will provide you with an access code which you can use when you enroll by sage, fax or email. You may not enroll in any 'signature required' courses unless you provide the necessary access code.