Obtaining Brandeis Credit

As you are researching and applying to programs and universities abroad, please observe the following guidelines in order to receive Brandeis University credit for work successfully completed abroad:

Normal, Full Course Load

• You must carry a normal, full course load (not the lower limit of a range given for a normal-course load) while abroad. Being a full-time student on an overseas program is not necessarily the same as taking a full course load and what constitutes a normal, full load will vary by program. If you are unsure of what the full load is for a program you would like to attend, please contact the program or university directly and/or a member of the Study Abroad staff.

• For the normal, full course load overseas, you will receive credit for four (4) Brandeis courses for a semester and eight (8) for the year. Credit for an overload will only be given if a student enrolls in 150% of the normal full course load.

Course Information

• You will receive credit for liberal arts courses (e.g. economics, history, geography).

• You will not receive credit for adult education courses or non-liberal arts courses (e.g. film production, engineering, ceramics, and textile design).

• You may not receive credit for a course taken pass/fail. (Pre-Semester Ulpan classes in Israel may be taken for a grade or pass/fail because they do not count toward a full load of study for the semester.)

• In order to receive Brandeis credit, you must earn a grade of C- or better.

• Subject areas will be listed on your Brandeis University transcript with a credit/no credit notation. Grades from abroad will not be factored into your Brandeis University GPA.

• You must take one course in the language of the host country during each semester you are abroad. Failure to do so will result in a loss of all credit for the semester. (See the summary of the Foreign Language Requirement for more information.)

Using Study Abroad Coursework for Major or Minor Credit

You have the option of pursuing major or minor credit for coursework that you have completed overseas. The study abroad office does not have the authority to grant major or minor credit during the academic year, only general Brandeis degree credit. There is no paperwork to be filled out in the study abroad office that will assign major or minor credit, however students must complete a Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement form when they return for each course in which they wish to receive credit. (However, Politics students should instead complete a paper TC03 form.) Every department has different regulations and procedures on how they assign credit and you are highly encouraged to work with your advisor and the Study Abroad Liaison for that department prior to your departure and during the registration period for your study abroad program.

Each department has designated a Study Abroad Faculty Liaison who can assist you with study abroad questions.

Some appropriate questions to discuss with your major/ minor advisor and the Study Abroad Liaison:

  • What major/ minor requirements do I still need to complete?
  • Will study abroad courses be accepted to fulfill degree requirements in this department/ program?
  • I have course descriptions for courses I am considering taking while abroad that I obtained from my study abroad program. Can you review these with me and see if these courses meet any of my major/ minor requirements? (It may also be a good idea to get this pre- approval in writing. You can email your advisor and ask him/ her to confirm what you discussed, for example.)
  • If I arrive in my host country and discover that I cannot take these classes, may I email you for guidance in making alternate choices?
  • What do I need to do when I return to follow up with you? What should I bring back with me? (course syllabi, coursework, etc…)
  • Am I on-track with my graduation requirements?

If you would like to obtain major or minor credit for a field study project, internship, or independent study project, you will also need to work with the Study Abroad Liaison within the academic department. It is highly recommended that you talk with the Liaison before and during those independent projects.

Using Study Abroad Coursework for General Education Requirements

It is possible to receive credit for General Education Requirements with coursework completed abroad. More information about these graduation requirements can be found in the Brandeis Bulletin.

If you wish to use a course abroad to fulfill a general university requirement (Intensive Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Foreign Language, Non-Western, or School Distribution), you should fill out the Online Petition to Request Substitution for a Requirement form.

Obtaining Brandeis Credit for an Off-Campus Internship, Independent or Field Study Project

Guidelines for Internships for Credit:

The following is a set of on campus guidelines from the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) for students seeking credit for internships on campus. Please share this with your overseas program as a guideline for how to obtain credit from Brandeis for internships supervised abroad.

• Students should work the equivalent of at least 8 and no more than 15 hours per week, spending at least 100 hours in their placement.

• Students should complete reading and written assignments considered appropriate by the department. Examples of assignments include submission of an annotated bibliography of readings relevant to the work site, several short papers, a journal or log of experiences, or papers completed for the internship.

• Faculty sponsors should meet with interns at least once every two weeks to discuss research methodologies, the bibliography or other assignments, work experiences, etc. The UCC recommends that the faculty sponsors and site supervisors communicate at the beginning, mid-term, and end of the semester.

Guidelines for Off-Campus Internships for Credit:

Internships, independent study courses, and fieldwork experience must have approval from the Study Abroad office in order to be accepted for credit. Not all internships offered by programs on the approved list meet the above criteria. Therefore, it is very important to discuss your proposed internship class with a member of the study abroad staff.

Each student should submit a short email to abroad@brandeis.edu, regarding this course including a syllabus if available. Please include details of the curriculum and indicate what papers or exams will be used for the final evaluation. You may be required to submit all papers, reports, reading lists, etc. before general university credit is approved.

If you wish to receive major/ minor credit for an independent study, internship or field research project while abroad, you must contact the Study Abroad Liaison in that department for their guidelines. It is wise to get departmental guidance from the Study Abroad Liaison in advance since not all internships may be approved by a particular department.

If you have any questions about taking an independent study or internship for credit while you are off-campus, please contact a member of the study abroad staff.