Resources for Midyear Students

Please feel free to contact your Academic Advisor, from the Office of Academic Services, with any questions regarding your academic plans, both before and after you arrive at Brandeis.

With questions regarding transferring credits from your fall semester to Brandeis, please contact Irene Widugiris, Academic Records Specialist in the Office of the University Registrar.

Midyear students interested in pursuing a Pre-health track can talk with their Roosevelt Fellow, their academic advisor and/or the Director of Pre-Health Advising to review the many options they have for completing the pre-health requirements while at Brandeis.

For Midyears


Why am I a Midyear?

At Brandeis, we are fortunate enough to receive a far greater number of applications from qualified students than we could ever offer fall admission.  Several years ago, we began to seize the opportunity to accept more of the students we desired by offering some students the opportunity to join our community in January, when we have more available campus housing and classroom space.

Each year, Brandeis' Admissions staff sorts through the thousands of applications for the incoming class and carefully selects a group of students who display the kind of maturity and creativity that demonstrate that they can take advantage of the unique opportunity that the midyear program represents.

Midyear students will typically spend their fall semester in one of a variety of pursuits which they and their families feel will provide them with the most productive and fulfilling experience before entering Brandeis.  Midyear students often find internship, volunteer, or work experiences or take classes at a college or university near their home.  Other students have used this opportunity to study in another part of the country, or the world.  Our community is vastly enriched when midyear students bring these experiences with them to campus.

Making the Midyear Program Work for You

Whenever possible, we house midyear students together in one building, allowing them to be a community within the larger population of the first year class. Midyear students are noted for their enthusiasm and school spirit and most quickly move on to become leaders in many different areas of campus life.

With the opportunity to take classes in the fall, many midyear students are able to graduate in just 7 semesters at Brandeis, 8 semesters total.  Other students choose to remain at Brandeis for the full 8 semesters, in order to complete all of their academic pursuits.  The choice of when to graduate, like the choice of how to spend the fall semester, is one that each student will need to make for themselves, in conjunction with their advisors and their families.

Midyear students receive the same educational opportunities as fall admitted students, though there are a few instances where entering the University in the spring semester does present some complications.  In some of our foreign language courses, for instance, the introductory level course is only offered in the fall.  Midyear students then may need to wait until their second semester to begin their study of Mandarin Chinese, for instance.  Students interested in being pre-health or in pursuing the sciences will find that they have several options in pursuing their studies. 

Final Thoughts

Though the opportunity to be a midyear is not one that you may have sought out, or even thought of when you applied to Brandeis, we believe that it is a program that benefits the students who decide to participate.  If you have questions about what being a midyear will mean for you, please don't hesitate to ask, we are here to help you.