Questions About Your Audit Information?

Make an appointment to meet with your Class Advisor to discuss any issues you have regarding the information in your Sage Audit.  Seniors with graduation questions should contact The Registrars Office

Checking Your Sage Audit

sage audit

Checking your Sage Audit

Step 1:  Log on to Sage, go to Academics then “Undergraduate Degree Audit”.

Step 2:  Look at the “Degree Expected Term.”  It should list the semester in which you expect to finish all requirements and graduate.

Step 3:  Next check your majors and minors to be sure the ones listed are correct.  Any additional majors and minors must be declared by the last day of the add/drop period of your final semester. Drop any majors or minors that you do not intend to complete. Here is the form used to add, drop, or change, majors and minors.

Step 4:  Next to each major and minor the word “Complete” indicates that you have completed all the requirements.  “Projected to Complete” indicates that you are enrolled in classes that will complete the requirements but have not yet received grades for those classes.  If it reads “Not available” the audit is not online and you should go to the department office for that information.  “In progress” means that you have completed some requirements but are missing others and are not yet enrolled in them.  You can click on the link to see which specific requirements are missing. 

Step 5:  In order to graduate the  “Projected Total Units” must record a minimum of 128.  If it is less than 128 then you need to either register for additional classes or declare AP or IB credits (go to the Registrar's Office). There is no deadline for declaring AP or IB credits and students can do this any time after the completion of the first semester at Brandeis.

Step 6:  In order to graduate, all categories in the General University University Requirements Summary should read either “Complete” or "Projected to Complete." The foreign language requirement will read “Not Started” until you enroll in a 30 level foreign language class. Then it will read “Projected to Complete” until a grade is submitted. If you have satisfied the Foreign Language requirement due to AP or SAT II scores or fluency in a language other than English, it will read “Complete.” 

***Please note that the audit updates only once a day.   This happens overnight so any changes you make to your schedule will not be reflected in your Progress Report until the next day***