Eligibility for Mid-Year Graduation

To check if you are eligible for a mid-year graduation, or after 7 semesters of residency contact the Office of the University Registrar, Kutz 124, or the Office of Academic Services, Usdan 130.

Senior Midterm Graduation


Seniors who plan to graduate after the fall semester need to fill out a "Midyear Graduation" form.  This form can be obtained at the Registrar's Office, Kutz 124 after the last day of add/drop.  The deadline for applying for a midyear graduation is October 15th.  If October 15th lands on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the last business day before the 15th.

Students who complete graduation requirements after the fall semester may choose to participate in Commencement ceremonies held either the May preceding or following their completion of the requirements.  Notify the Registrar's Office of your decision.  There is no Commencement ceremony held in the winter.