Sample Questions for Faculty Mentors:

  • I’m thinking about a major in your field (Anthropology, Chemistry, etc). What courses would you suggest I take as a first year to get the best taste of the department?
  • How did you decide to go into [Anthropology, Chemistry, etc]? How did you know that it was the right field for you?
  • I had [summer research, History Day paper, internship] experience in high school. I’m very excited about doing research with a faculty member at Brandeis because of that. How would you recommend finding opportunities here at Brandeis?
  • What is your favorite class to teach? What other classes do you teach?
  • What do you wish all first-year students knew coming into Brandeis?
  • How did your academic interests change as you proceeded through college and/or graduate school?
  • Are you currently working on a research project?
  • What topics do you hope to study in the future?

Your Faculty Mentor

I have one… now what?

Many students enter college unsure of how to approach faculty members. As a Lerman-Neubauer Fellow, your Faculty Mentor has been individually selected for you to align with your academic interests as well as someone who is known at Brandeis as a strong mentor. Working with this person is a great way to begin to build your faculty base. Utilize these resources! How you ask? Here are a few tips/questions to get you started:

  1. You’ll receive your Faculty Mentor’s contact information over the summer. Read through their biography or introductory material on the Brandeis website first.
  2. Initiate contact with an email to introduce yourself. Include things such as your academic areas of interest (History, Biology, etc), any particularly interesting topics you have studied or have an interest in, or things you hope to accomplish while at Brandeis (serving as a research assistant, Rhodes Scholar, etc).
  3. Make connections between your interests and what you may have learned about your Faculty Mentor.
  4. Ask them questions (see sidebar for suggestions). Be interested in their responses.
  5. You will have an appointment scheduled for you by Brandeis with your Faculty Mentor once you arrive on campus. Take advantage of the work that you have done in your email exchanges to continue to build your rapport with your Faculty Mentor.