Intellectual and Cultural Enrichment

Lerman-Neubauer Fellows participate in special academic and cultural events that are designed to create and sustain an extraordinary intellectual community. Programming includes:

  • Discussions with Industry Professionals and Alumni
  • Lectures and Seminars
  • Featured Faculty Presentations
  • Career and Graduate School Counseling
  • Guidance for Under- and Post-Graduate Fellowships and Grants
  • Trips to Professional Sporting Events, Theatrical Performances and Concerts
  • Dinner at Local Restaurants
  • Excursions to Boston Museums and Exhibits

The Experience

Lerman-Neubauer Fellows must fulfill the same general requirements as all Brandeis students, with an additional summer research project or internship. By participating in the following offerings, fellows experience a rich and fulfilling Brandeis experience.

Paid Internship or Research Project
As a part of this program, fellows are encouraged to engage in summer-long internships or research projects. This internship or research can occur during any summer prior to graduation; including the summer between your first-year and sophomore year at Brandeis.

Group Advisement and Support
All Brandeis students receive access to a structured advisement system, which places priority on the goals of each individual student. Additionally, Lerman-Neubauer Fellows are assigned a faculty mentor who will guide them through their four years at Brandeis, and help them navigate research and internship opportunities in the field of their choice. All fellows will also have the continual guidance of a staff advisor, who will help monitor their progress, as well as organize special events, seminars, lectures and community outings.

First Year
Fellows enroll in one of two  specialized First-Year Seminars geared specifically toward scholar students. These are small classes, capped at 14-15 students each, and taught by highly regarded faculty members. All students in the classes are Lerman-Neubauer Fellows or other first-year scholars. The First-Year Seminar is 4-credits and is one of the 4 or 5 classes that a student takes in their first semester.

Second Year
Fellows enroll in an interdisciplinary seminar designed to cater toward their interests as a group and as individuals. The Second-Year Seminar is organized around broad, intellectually challenging themes and team-taught by four faculty from all areas of the University. The Second-Year Seminar is taken across both the Fall and Spring semester with 2 credits attributed in each semester.


Third Year
Fellows will have declared a major and worked with their faculty and staff advisers to develop and execute research topics. Those interested in completing a Senior Thesis begin to determine their topic during this year. Students in their third year are also encouraged to study abroad in one of our more than 250 programs in 70 countries worldwide.

Fourth Year
In the senior year, Fellows will meet regularly as a group to discuss academic and personal developments over the year. This includes faculty speakers, thesis research presentations, and time to discuss job and/or graduate school searches. Seniors are also encouraged to apply for various post-graduate fellowships and grants. Students will gain valuable resources and guidance if they wish to pursue graduate or professional school. Students desiring to enter the workforce will be kept informed of local, domestic and international networking and career opportunities.