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Alumni Profiles

The interests of Lerman-Neubauer Fellows are diverse and dynamic. Academic interests range from film and creative art to economics and math to health policy to East Asian Studies. They are also involved in a multitude of extracurricular activities, from writing for one of the Brandeis newspapers to playing soccer to singing in an a cappella group to participating in Mock Trial to performing community service.

Read on to learn more about the Classes of 2012 and 2013:

Class of 2012:

Brian Boyd hails from Wilson, N.C., and comes to Brandeis with interests in economics, business, and Latin American studies; he is, however,  eager to uncover a hidden passion through his academic and extracurricular experiences. When Brian is not in class, he enjoys participating in Mock Trial, playing intramural soccer, blogging about stock market trends and watching televised soccer in Spanish. Brian Boyd
Yiwei (Felix) Feng comes to Brandeis from Jiangsu, China. Felix is hoping to double major in math and economics, and he has a broad range of extracurricular interests, including table tennis, track, pool, Chinese painting, and calligraphy. Felix is also a member of the Waltham Group, the Pingpong Club, the Investment Club and Brandeis Chinese Culture Connection (BC3). Felix is also grades papers for a few courses, and is a research assistant for a professor in the Economics department.e Yiwei (Felix) Feng
Margaret Goldberg grew up in Scottsdale, Ariz., and is also a Justice Brandeis Scholar. She is looking to double major in international global relations and economics, possibly minor in business, and enroll in creative writing and painting classes. Margaret is a forum writer for the Justice, and involved in Brandeis International Relations Council (BIRC) and Amnesty International. An avid traveler, she has visited 48 out of the 50 states, and hopes to study abroad for a summer and semester. In the summer of 2009, Margaret enjoyed being an Orientation Leader for the first year class. Margaret Goldberg
Jordan Hinahara originally hails from Madison, Wis., where she developed her love of singing, dancing and scuba diving. At Brandeis, she sings in and arranges songs for an a cappella group, and is honing her kickboxing skills with members of her residence hall. A talented linguist, Jordan is fluent in Spanish and hopes to learn another language while at Brandeis. She is also looking forward to pursuing her interests in politics, health policy, international relations, and sociology, and is considering various study abroad options. Additionally, Jordan is a Community Advisor for a first year dorm.
Shayna Medley is a Massachusetts native, growing up in the town of Westborough. Shayna’s academic interests range from English to biology, and Spanish to political activism. Shayna writes feature articles for the Hoot, is a member of the Ice Skating Club and enjoys singing and exploring Boston and other cities. In the summer of 2009, Shayna was an Orientation Leader, and is also an active participant on the Lerman-Neubauer Programming Committee. Shayna Medley
Jon Megerian comes from Littleton, Mass., and is looking to study Medieval European history, East Asian civilization, Japanese, Spanish and linguistics. Jon hopes to involve himself in language and history clubs, pursue his love of music, join campus activist groups and continue his involvement in Triskelion, Brandeis’s GLBT/Queer Alliance. Jon looks forward to studying abroad in Japan, and perhaps living and teaching there one day. Jon Megerian
Nick Petrocchi was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and came to Brandeis to explore his interests in politics, international relations, philosophy, psychology and statistics. Nick is heavily involved in the Brandeis political scene; last year, he was a member of the Massell Quad Council and the Dining Committee, and he continues to participate in Model UN. He is also testing his abilities in newfound extracurricular and physical education activities of karate and rock climbing. In his spare time, Nick has also trained dogs and enjoys skiing, poker and crew. Although he pays close attention to maintaining a nutritious lifestyle, he is also a self-proclaimed milkshake enthusiast! Nick Petrocchi
Shawn Richardson comes to Brandeis from Port Republic, Md. He is currently exploring his academic interests in politics, history, East Asian studies, and legal studies. He particularly enjoys classes that involve Japanese language and culture, and he is looking to study abroad in Japan next year. Shawn's extracurricular interests include Mock Trial, Nintendo, and Manga and Anime comics (check out his blog at Shawn is also an avid runner and enjoys discovering new running paths. Shawn Richardson
Alex Schneider comes from Newton, Mass., and will likely major in Politics and minor in Journalism. Alex is the chair of the Dining Committee, and will soon be named the Deputy Editor of The Hoot. Alex recently took a trip to Israel, where he traveled the entire country and learned more about his passion for Judaism. On top of his academic interests, Alex participates in Mock Trial and enjoys repairing and servicing computers. Alex recently completed an internship on Beacon Hill, and is looking to pursue other opportunities in the government. Alex is hoping to study abroad in either England or Scotland.
Eli Tarlow, from Teaneck, N.J., comes to Brandeis with academic interests in history and film. A huge Boston sports fan, Eli also enjoys playing sports at Brandeis and recently began taking golf lessons. He also hopes to become involved in the Film Club, Business Club, and various community service organizations, all while learning to speak Italian and expanding his sneaker collection. Eli Tarlow
Anna Wettstein is a native of Paris, France, although she most recently resided in Basel, Switzerland. She is fluent in French, German and English, and is looking to study more about each of these cultures while at Brandeis. Anna also hopes to pursue economics, international relations, art history and contemporary art, and literature. In her spare time, Anna loves to hone her skills as a DJ. Anna Wettstein

Class of 2013:

Pokuaa Adu is from Accra, Ghana, where she proudly belongs to three different ethnic groups: Ga, Twi, and Ew. Pokuaa comes to Brandeis with a variety of academic and extracurricular interests. In the classroom, she enjoys the fields of economics, mathematics, international relations, creative writing, and journalism. Outside of the classroom, she is a member of the dance group Adagio, a participant on the archery team, and enjoys writing (poetry is one of her favorites) and traveling. Throughout her time at Brandeis, Pokuaa hopes to learn another language, help establish a new community service project, and visit at least one more foreign country.  
Rishika Assomull, from Jakarta, Indonesia, has a profound passion for the arts. She hopes that her time at Brandeis will afford her opportunities to cultivate her artistic talents as well as to learn more about the industry behind the arts. Her interests in finance and economics also spark her curiosity of the relationship between business and artists. She hopes to engage in research to assess the influence of art in fostering collaborative relationships amongst otherwise divisive communities. A self-described ‘affable optimist’, Rishika also looks to enhance her talents in dance, community service, yoga, pilates, belly dancing, and journalism. Rishika frequently illustrates comics in The Justice.  
Louis Connelly hails from Brunswick, ME, and brings with him a variety of educational interests, including economics, politics, philosophy, math, and history. He is a involved in a variety of capacities on campus, through clubs and organizations such as debate, rugby, quiz bowl, mountain club, improvisation, juggling club, and Hillel. Additionally, Louis speaks fluent Chinese, and cites plays and musicals as his favorite forms of entertainment.  
Sonya Entova is originally from Russia, but spent some of her life close by in Arlington, MA. Sonya brings with her interests in biology, biochemistry, Spanish, and Russian, as well as extracurricular talents in studio art and dance. Having worked at a structural biology lab over the past few summers, Sonya is recently joined a lab on campus. Sonya is very open to new and different experiences, and looks forward to meeting new people and participating in a number of activities while at the University.  
Emma Green grew up in Oklahoma City, OK, where she developed her passions for environmental studies, computer science, and Judaic studies. A true liberal arts student, though, Emma is ready to explore a number of different disciplines. Outside of the classroom, Emma is heavily involved in community service efforts (she once even dyed part of her hair pink for charity!), Hillel, and Brandeis environmental clubs and organizations. Emma hopes that her Brandeis experience will open her eyes to the world around her, and she looks forward to sharing her background and learning much from the diverse student body at the University.  
Nicolae Iftimia is originally from Romania, although he grew up much of his life in North Chelmsford, MA. Nick has already completed a few summers of employment as a researcher alongside neurosurgeons at the renowned Lahey Clinic, and hopes to follow the pre-med track as he pursues his interests in biology, biomedical science, and chemistry. Currently penning a novel, Nick also enjoys drawing and working on 3-dimensional computer graphics, as well as basketball, soccer, and philosophy.  
Delande Justinvil, from nearby Brockton, MA, is hoping to major in biochemistry, although he also has interests in molecular biology, genetics, and neurology. As the founder of the Brockton High School Latin Club, Delande will also further his studies of classics while at Brandeis. While Delande may be unique in his intense dislike for ice cream, he, like many Brandeisians, loves to sing (particularly at a very loud volume while driving!), and is a member of Brandeis’ Step team. Delande can also be seen as a dancer in select musical productions, including fall 2009's A Chorus Line. Dedicated to volunteering outside of the University, Delande is also a member of community services clubs on campus.  
Eleni Kalfus comes to Brandeis from the Bronx, in New York City. She hopes to enhance her passions for creative writing, political science, and sociology, while also maintaining a balanced extracurricular life. On campus, Elly is involved with community service, club soccer, student government, the student newspaper, and a handful of other organizations, including juggling club, the gay-straight alliance, and pottery club. A drama enthusiast, Elly recently started her own improvisation group, and hopes to become a published writer during her Brandeis career.    
Linda Li most recently lived in New York City, and brings with her a deep interest in politics and campaigns. Having recently worked on a local mayoral race, Linda cites her favorite aspect of political campaigns as canvassing, when she gets to meet many diverse constituents. Her other academic pursuits include history, English, and legal studies. Throughout her time at the University, Linda hopes to become involved in Brandeis Democrats and the Waltham Group, while also indulging her enthusiasm for softball and basketball. Linda was recently elected to the Brandeis Student Union.  
Scott Mishan, from Jericho, NY, is currently pursuing his interests in legal studies, psychology, business, and sociology. Throughout his high school career, he was heavily involved in community service, most notably volunteering with organizations to collect food for the hungry. A diehard sports fan (his favorite teams being the Mets and Giants), Scott loves to watch and play baseball and football, and also enjoys running and listening to music. Scott hopes to cultivate his love for writing, in addition to becoming fluent in Spanish, and is currently seeking out internships for the upcoming summer at law firms in New York City.  
Kevin Monk grew up the youngest of four children in Cincinnati, OH. While his academic interests reside primarily in neuroscience, biology, and chemistry, he is also excited to soak up all that the Brandeis extracurricular scene has to offer. Kevin’s main hobbies include music—he plays the cello and is a member of Brandeis’ pit orchestra, as well as a few other musical clubs—and cooking—he recently joined the University’s hugely popular cooking club. Although he has distinct educational ambitions, one of his personal goals is to conquer Brandeis’ infamous Rabb Steps!  
Samuel Stemper comes to Brandeis from Richfield, MN, where he spent the last two years of his high school career taking classes at the University of Minnesota. His academic interests include economics, international relations, International and Global Studies (IGS), global development, and politics. Outside of the classroom, Sam enjoys listening to and playing music (his instruments of choice are the bass and trombone), running and weight lifting, pole vaulting, playing various sports, and following his favorite professional team, the Minnesota Twins. At Brandeis, Sam is a member of the Waltham Group, as well as the Ultimate Frisbee team and the Jam Society.  
Sophie Travis hails from nearby Arlington, MA, and hopes to pursue her academic interests of protein chemistry and structure, autism spectrum disorders, and the Roman Republic. She also looks to enhance her skills in classical voice and prose writing, and thoroughly enjoys working alongside some of Brandeis’ top faculty in the Petsko/Ringe Lab. In addition to her academic pursuits, Sophie is a self-proclaimed “amateur cat psychotherapist” and enjoys writing poems in iambic pentameter. Very musically inclined, Sophie is a member of the choir and hopes to sing in an opera at some point during her four years at the University.  
Sarah Van Buren most recently resided in Falls Church, VA, although she attended 10 different schools growing up, and has never lived in any one location for more than 3 years. Having participated in a number of service opportunities, including working with disabled orphans in China and tutoring adult immigrants in English, Sarah is looking forward to becoming involved in many campus clubs and organizations. She is a member of the Japanese Students Association, Charlamos (Spanish-speaking society), the Waltham Group, and Up the Octave, one of Brandeis’ a capella groups. With the goal of eventually becoming an obstetrician working with a program like Doctors Without Borders, Sarah plans to focus her academic pursuits primarily in the fields of biochemistry and chemistry, with possible majors in Spanish and International and Global Studies.