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Stress Management

When you're stressed out, all of your intelligence can feel out of reach. Increasing study time does not reduce stress!

There is such a thing as productive stress; a little pressure from a deadline or high expectations of yourself can produce necessary motivation. And then there's STRESS - the very unproductive and sometimes debilitating kind. Sometimes, unrealistic expectations can add to stress: accept responsibility for your own (and only your own) part in situations and try to think positively about future events. Making time to take care of yourself is the number one effective stress buster, so prioritize the amount of eating, sleeping, exercising, and socializing that is right for you!
          Preventing & Reducing Stress

If you feel as if your stress level is becoming overwhelming, you may want to consider discussing it with a professional at the Psychological Counseling Center located in Mailman. The Center is dedicated to addressing all concerns with sensitivity and respect, maintaining the strictest privacy and confidentiality.
          Counseling at Brandeis