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Time Management

Scheduling all of your many college activities and responsibilities - and taking care of yourself too - can be a big challenge.

Time management is a phrase often used to refer to a large number of related strategies. Whether you make 'to do' lists, write assignments and tasks in a planner, use a block schedule or calendar, knowing which responsibilities take precedence when is the essence of effective time management. Prioritizing commitments and planning ahead, while allowing ample time for rejuvenation, will in turn reduce stress and improve performance.
          Time Management 101

Procrastination is often a challenge for students who grasp material quickly and deal well with pressure. Just because you can do something adequately at the last minute, though, does not mean you are representing the best of your skills. In addition to producing less than stellar work, procrastination can also lead to severe and chronic lack of sleep, and occassionally, to breaches of academic integrity.
          Causes of Procrastination (& how to address them)
          Inside Integrity at Brandeis