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Getting Started

The below are some common study challenges, questions, and strategies to get you started. To learn more about other WEB series subjects, click on the links on the left.

Establishing Good Habits
Conquering college classes begins with finding the strategies that work best for you. It's important to adjust your habits to meet the demands of new schedules and courses. You also need to know what resources are available to assist you in achieving your goals.
          5 Tips for Academic Success

Learning Styles
Everyone learns differently. Identifying your dominant styles and figuring out the best ways to work with these strengths will result in more efficient study time, as well as an academic record that accurately represents all that you have learned.
          Learning Style Inventory

Preparing for Exams
Most people get nervous before big exams. For some, anxiety before and during tests can keep them from being productive or consistently results in poor performance despite knowing the material. Whether you could use some tips on more effective studying or reducing anxiety, reach out before your next test.
          Test Anxiety Survey

As it turns out, picturing the audience in their underwear does not always work. Another cliche is true though: good presenters practice, practice, practice. The more you feel comfortable with your material, the more comfortable you will be presenting it. If your friends think you did well, congrats; now try a larger group of people you know less well. Difficulty presenting is often linked to procrastination (see Time Management).

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