Welcome email address harvesters!

The purpose of this web page is to lure and deny access to robots that crawl the Brandeis web looking for email addresses to spam. Do not follow the "denied access" link below if you are a human being.

If you would like to be blocked from Brandeis, follow this link and you will IMMEDIATELY be denied access to all pages on this web server. This is a trap for automated spam robots.

Another trap (which humans may safely visit) is the kickme list.

I not-so-recently spammed this to all students.

Please see also http://web.mit.edu/network/spam/#four

Everybody: Dealing with email viruses and junk email

 On the average day, Brandeis refuses about 50% of all incoming email as
 identifiable viruses or spam. Some people are delighted with this; 
 some don't believe we block anything because they get so much; on
 rare occasions we block legitimate email.

 It's difficult to make everyone happy. Understand that because we
 prefer to work in an uncensored academic environment, avoiding the
 accidental loss of legitimate email takes priority over the elimination
 of unwanted email.

Some guidelines for dealing with the problem:

 * The second easiest way for junk mailers to get your email address
 is to find it on a web page. If you have your email address listed
 on a public web page (simply search http://www.brandeis.edu/search/
 to find out), consider mangling it in ways that are obvious to 
 humans but not to spam robots. For example, the Brandeis online
 directory now returns rcgravesatbrandeis.edu for queries
 from off campus. It's too bad that we have to do this, but we do.
 The first way for junk mailers to get your email address is for
 you to give it to them directly. Approach "free contests" and "free
 registration" with suspicion.

 * Don't worry too much about Windows email-borne viruses if you
 read your email through brandeis.edu. You will receive them, but
 they will be renamed so as to be harmless. Most recent 
 infestations have come from AOL or Hotmail accounts. For technical
 details see http://my.brandeis.edu/bboard/seb/0000Jo.html

 * Don't put too much stock in From: lines. Modern viruses scrounge
 your hard drive for any addresses and forge messages from each
 of them. This means you can't trust email messages simply
 because they appear to be from a friend, and it also means that
 there's usually little point in replying to the supposed sender
 to warn them that they have a virus. Usually, they don't; it was
 a forgery by a virus on someone else's computer.

 * If your email is bounced inappropriately, redirect the complete 
 bounce message to postmaster@brandeis.edu. The addresses 
 postmaster, spam, abuse, and security are exempt from almost all 
 forms of junk email and virus filtering.

 * If you have a question, comment, or complaint that others might
 share, please consider posting it to the tech support bboard at
 http://my.brandeis.edu/bboard/q-and-a?topic_id=21 Responding
 to questions there is a high priority because answers posted in
 public can help more people.

 * Norton Antivirus is distributed via
 http://virus.brandeis.edu/ If you are running Microsoft Windows
 and you do not have current antivirus software installed, you
 need to. Consult http://lts.brandeis.edu/ or the Help Desk.