Academics at Brandeis


Brandeis is the perfect place to explore multidisciplinary academic interests with encouraging faculty. Brandeis students study diverse topics, engage in meaningful research, study abroad and learn outside of the classroom. 


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Text on screen: Academics at Brandeis.

STUDENT A (female, not shown): It's definitely exciting to be a Brandeis student.

Video on screen: Micro electronics lab, student turning a knob on a console.

STUDENT A: You're always challenged.

Video on screen: Student putting on a lab coat, student typing on a keyboard.

STUDENT B (male, not shown): The work I put in each week, I see the results.

Video on screen: Students sitting in front of laptops.

Video on screen: Professor and student standing in front of a chalkboard with equations written on it.

Text on screen: Students average 3 Internships Before Graduation

Video on screen: Student drawing music notes on a music chalkboard

Video on screen: Student playing a piano.

STUDENT C (female, not shown): There definitely is an academic rigor and studiousness that you'd find at top research institutions, which Brandeis is.

Video on screen: Closeup of highlighted text in a book.

Video on screen: Student turning pages of a book.

Video on screen: Closeup of a variety of used paint brushes.

Video on screen: Student in a small lab, looking through a microscope. Close up of the petrie dish under the microscope.

Text on screen: Undergrads Have the Opportunity to Work in 55 Science Labs

FACULTY MEMBER A (female, not shown): My students want to go out and change the world.

Video on screen: Closeup of a microscope slide, student looking through a microscope, closeup of cell movement.

FACULTY MEMBER A (female, shown): As a faculty member here at Brandeis, we're deeply engaged with what happens in the world and we bring that to our teaching.

Video on screen: Faculty and student sitting at a table

Video on screen: Faculty member in a classroom.

STUDENT C: The faculty get really invested in your academic success.

Video on screen: Closeup of a professor's hand pointing at a notebook.

Video on screen: Faculty and students in a computer lab.

Video on screen: Faculty and student in an art studio/classroom.

Video on screen: Closeup of hands typing on a laptop keyboard.

STUDENT B: They don't want your professors just to be a professor to you. They want your professor to be a mentor. They want your professor to be a role model.

Video on screen: Professor and student sitting in front of a laptop.

STUDENT D (male, not shown): I love the fact that here I can study computer science, economics and then each and every semester take something has nothing to do with either of them.

Video on screen: Group of students at a table in front of laptops.

Video on screen: Seats in a theater.

Text on screen: More than 40% of Students Double Major

STUDENT E (female, not shown): You have this multidisciplinary approach.

Video on screen: Students dancing on a stage.

Video on screen: Small television screens in a recording studio, closeup of a drum set.

Video on screen: Students on a stage.

STUDENT A: It's a perfect place to just explore, I think. Because I know that I'm not the only person who walked into this place thinking they were going to study one thing and ended up studying something else.

Video on screen: Faculty and students meeting around a table. 

Video on screen: Student making a presentation in a classroom.

Video on screen: Closeup of a presentation on a screen.

Video on screen: Student looking through a video camera, students wearing headphones, small video editing screen.

STUDENT F (female, not shown): There is just so much for change.

Video on screen: Students standing up and talking.

Video on screen: Crab being taken out of water.

Video on screen: Crab swimming underwater.

STUDENT A: The classroom learning certainly has its place, but getting to put into practice what you're learning makes a big difference.

Video on screen: Students in a cooking class.

Video on screen: Student talking to a group of women in India.

Video on screen: Student holding a microphone talking.

Text on screen: Undergrads Co-Author More than 25 Peer-Reviewed Research Publications Every Year

STUDENT D: If you have an idea and if you want to initiate something, there's no obstacles there.

Video on screen: Closeup of hands clapping.

Video on screen: Student in a library, closeup of student writing in a notebook.

Video on screen: Closeup of student cutting wood.

STUDENT D: Creativity is encouraged.

Video on screen: Student building a wooden structure.

STUDENT A: The faculty here really encouraged me to consider going abroad.

Video on screen: Closeup of student smiling and clapping, empty bucket.

Video on screen: 2 students sitting with women and children in India.

STUDENT B: They're part of why what makes this university as great as it is. They're part of what makes this atmosphere as great as it is.

Video on screen: Professor with student playing cellos.

STUDENT B: People are all here just to help you succeed.

FACULTY MEMBER B (female, shown): The students are the future. They're going to expand the field. So we want to embrace that kind of energy.

Video on screen: Sped-up students sitting at tables and walking around a dining hall.

STUDENT A: Most schools, it's you're competing against other students. Here, it's you're competing against yourself, and everyone else is just trying to help you with that.

Video on screen: Students laughing.

Video on screen: Orchestra playing on a stage.

Video on screen: Closeup of a microscope; closeup of a student pointing to sound waves on a screen.

STUDENT B: It just motivates you to work that much harder. 

STUDENT A: Being a student here shows me everything that I'm capable of after graduation.

Video on screen: Closeup of student typing on a keyboard; words on a computer screen. Student picking up a paint brush in an art studio; painting on a canvas; 2 students looking through a video camera; Student walking in a field.

Text on screen:

Text on screen: Music "Up in the Clouds Variation" by Chill Purpose