Learning in Service of Justice

A Brandeis education combines core skills, knowledge and social justice.

Inspired by our namesake, Justice Louis Brandeis, we seek to produce graduates who have a desire to inquire and learn throughout their lives and who will endeavor to advance justice in the world. We are guided by our University Mission and Diversity Statements.

Informing the work of education

Brandeis is committed to the academic success of all students. Assessment of student learning allows us to better understand teaching, learning, and students' academic and co-curricular experiences at Brandeis. While assessment of student learning is required by the New England Association of Colleges and Universities, the true value of assessment comes from what we learn about how Brandeis University educates students.

The University has a decentralized system for assessment. Each of the four schools--the School of Arts and Sciences, the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, the International Business School, and the Rabb School of Continuing Studies--conducts assessment which reflects its student populations and programs.

This site offers information about assessment at Brandeis and provides resources about course learning goals, department and program learning goals, and learning outcomes. The goal of assessment at Brandeis is to collect and consider evidence that can be used to improve curriculum, pedagogy, and student learning.