Reports on Student Learning

Defining Learning Goals and Outcomes

Learning at Brandeis can be understood using two frameworks: learning goals and learning outcomes.

Learning goals occur at the university level; undergraduate major or graduate program level; at the course level; and in co-curricular experiences. This scaffolding of the educational experience from the large to the small and from inside the classroom to outside of the classroom allows us to understand students' experiences at Brandeis. 

Learning outcomes reflect the degree to which leaning goals are met. At the class level, learning outcomes are reflected in students' grades.  At the undergraduate major or graduate program, learning outcomes demonstrate the degree to which students have gained proficiency in a specialized area of study. At the university level, learning outcomes show how Brandeis has prepared students to be lifelong learners who have not only achieved specific competencies but who will practice civic and global engagement.

Assessment using both learning goals and learning outcomes is an iterative process. The most successful assessment occurs regularly, uses direct and indirect measures, is discussed by the university community, and informs change.