Assessment of Student Learning Advisory Committee

The Provost's Advisory Committee on Assessment of Student Learning examines the articulation of learning goals and the assessment of undergraduate education in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The advisory committee considers whether any changes or additions to the forms or uses of assessment are needed. It will report its findings and recommendations to the faculty and administration.

The advisory committee will:

  • Examine the learning goals for undergraduates, as defined by individual programs, the College of Arts and Sciences and the university as a whole
  • Gather information on what forms of assessment are currently used and what information they yield about student learning
  • Consider whether additional information about student learning, inside and outside the classroom, would be useful, and how such information could be obtained from existing forms of assessment or new forms
  • Examine how the results of assessment are used in decision-making at the individual, departmental and college levels, and whether different or further uses should be made of such information

In reviewing current practices, the committee will look to the College of Arts and Sciences as a whole and to representative parts of it, and will also consider the kinds of learning and assessment that occur outside the formal curriculum.

The committee will take into account methods of directly assessing student learning, as well as other, indirect measures, such as placement data, student surveys, alumni surveys and course evaluations. Finally, it will look to comparable institutions for any lessons they may provide, positive or negative, on the methods and uses of assessment.