E-Portfolio Subcommittee

Explore technical options and costs for e-portfolio as a means for students to record learning achievements.

  • Rick Alterman, Computer Science
  • Laura Goldin, American Studies
  • Joseph Du Pont, Hiatt Career Center
  • John Plotz, English and American Literature
  • Dawn Skorczewski, English and American Literature
  • Susan Wawrzaszek, (Library and Technology Services)
  • Michaele Whelan, Provost Office

Global Subcommittee

Develop specific goals for global competency.

  • Rebecca Bachman
  • Kate Moran, Philosophy
  • Sandhya Narayana
  • Dan Terris, Office of Global Affairs
  • Vardit Ringvald, Hebrew

Quantitative Data Subcommittee

Assess efficacy and possible redundancy of course evaluation questions and incorporating learning goals into course evaluations.

  • Michael Coiner, Economics
  • Yoanna Freedman
  • Judith Jaffe, Provost Office
  • Jason Pontrello, Chemistry*
  • Mick Watson, Psychology
  • David Wright, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies*
  • Ray Knight, Psychology (consultative member)

*Member, Committee for the Support of Teaching

Student Subcommittee

Students from Student Union; Roosevelt Fellow; Undergraduate Department Representative; Athlete; Hiatt Career Center.

  • Rebecca Bachman
  • Faith Brigham
  • Yoanna Freedman
  • James Likis
  • Sandhya Narayana
  • Andrea Ortega