Barnett At A Glance

Notes of Interest

2013, Dr. Barnett has been selected by the Families and Work Institute to receive the Work Life Legacy Award, "for individuals who had been pioneers in shaping the work life movement and who have and are continuing to make unique and enduring contributions."

Dr. Barnett has 2 articles listed as one of the Most-Cited Articles as of June 1, 2012.  One is in the Journal of Family Issues and the other is in Work and Occupations.

  • Barnett, R. and Shen, Y.,  Gender, High- and Low-Schedule-Control Housework Tasks, and Psychological Distress: A Study of Dual-Earner Couples, Journal of Family Issues, July 1997, 18: 403-428, doi:10.1177/019251397018004003,
  • Barnett, R. and Gareis, K., Reduced-Hours Employment: The Relationship Between Difficulty of Trade-Offs and Quality of Life, Work and Occupations, May 2000, 27: 168-187, doi:10.1177/0730888400027002003 s,

The picked up Dr. Barnett’s and C. River’s Women’s eNews article Guys get ahead in 'pink collar' industries.  Read more: or at

Current Projects

Rosalind Chait Barnett and co-author Caryl Rivers are working on a new book: Are you ready for a 100-life?

Their book: The New Soft War on Women: How the myth of the Female Ascendence is hurting women, men, and our economy, is one of the Ten Titles to Pick-up Now, according to November, 2013 Oprah Magazine.

Their book, The truch about girls and boys is being published in paperback.

Rosalind and Caryl have launched a website The Truth about girls and boys:

Rosalind and Caryl have another website gendermatters:

Representative Publications

Rivers, C. & Barnett, R., (2014)   Young women and stubborn stereotypes, Chicago Tribune 

Barnett, R. & Rivers, C. (2012) For math gender equity is a win-win, Charlotte Observer, retrieved from

Rivers, C. & Barnett, R., (2012) New research: How girls can win in math and science, The Daily Beast, retrieved from

Barnett, R. C., Brennan, R. T., Gareis, K. C., Ertel, K. A., Berkman, L. F., & Almeida, D. M. (2012) Expanding Conservation of Resources theory: Work-family conflict as a mediator. Community, Work, and Family. 15(2), 131

Recent Interviews

An interview with Courtney Regan from CNBC's Big Data Download, January, 2014.

A Podcast of Rosalind's talk at Harvard's Shorenstein Center, March 2014.

Nelson, Colleen McCain, (2012, March 23) Point person: Our Q&A with Rosalind Barnett on gender bias,, retrieved from, Ann (2011, October 11) The real truth about girls and boys, Toronto Star, retrieved from

Knoy, Laura., (2011, September 21) The truth about girls and boys!, NHPR Radio The Exchange, retrieved from


 Rivers, C., & Barnett, R., Special Citation for Opinion paper “Confronting Gender Anxiety”, Education Week, retrieved from

Rivers, C. and Barnett, R., received Special Citation for their Opinion Columns by the EWA National Reporting Contest.


  • Barnett, R.C., Keynote Speaker, (Oct 2012) The Truth about Girls and Boys, 15th Annual Dennis McLaughlin Lecture, Merrimack College

Areas of Expertise

Gender; Alternative Work Schedules; After-School Stress; Work-Family; Job Stress-Illness Relationship; Dual-Earner Couples


Ph.D., Harvard University

M.A., Harvard University

B.A., Queens College