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Barnett presented her paper "Gender, age and job satisfaction: The effects of job conditions" at the 2010 Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention, Boston, Mass.



Barnett debated Christina Hoff Sommers on Why Aren't There More Female Scientists? A Conversation on "The Science on Women and Science" at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. Barnett wrote a chapter, From stone walls to invisible walls, that appears in the publication. For more information, hear the debate and read the review from Under the Microscope.



Barnett's book, "Lifeprints: New patterns of love and work for today's women," was selected by the Sloan Work and Family Research Network as a "classic book" from the work-family canon that has made "a significant contribution and stood the test of time."

In November, Rosalind Barnett was awarded the 2008 Anne Roe Award from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This award was created in 1979 and named for Anne Roe, the first woman tenured in the Harvard Faculty of Education (1963). Professor Roe was a leading researcher concerned with the development of careers for women. The award in her name is presented biennially to an individual who has contributed significantly in the field of education to advance women's professional growth and who provides a model of leadership and excellence to women.

Previous recipients include:

  • Geeta Rao Gupta (2006) ICRW President
  • Gloria Steinem (1999)
  • Bernice Sandler (1988), Director, Project on the Status and Education of Women, Association of American Colleges, Washington, DC
  • Owanah Anderson (1981), Director, The Ohoyo Resource Center, Wichita Falls, TX
  • Sister Joel Read (1980), President, Alverno College, Milwaukee, WI