“Outstanding speakers! Powerful argument about the current challenges for women’s leadership.”

- Harvard Medical School

“Absolutely blew me away.”

- Women, Action, Media National Conference

“…a significant contribution to an area of heated debate and policy struggle. Parents, teachers, and policy-makers can turn to it as a reliable guide through a thicket of hype and over-claiming. The authors do an excellent job of unpacking empirical assertions, exposing shabby "science," unfounded generalizations and jumps of logic.”

- Barrie Thorne, University of California

The truth about boys and girls
Keynote Presentation at the Women and Gender Studies, MIT, Cambridge, Mass.

Sept. 16, 2008

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation on Sept. 16. I was very much pleased with the outcome of the event. I have been the MIT Women's and Gender Studies Program Coordinator since December of 2007.

Your event, has been (by far) one of my most successful in the past 10 months. Not only did we exceed the space capacity for 32-141 but we also exceeded our average number of attendees. 32-141 seats 95 people and over 140 people attended. An average of 45 people usually attend WGS events and your lecture brought out a whopping 140+.

Thank you again for agreeing to present at MIT."

Heidy Gonzalez
Program Administrator, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Gender, leadership, & the natural order
Keynote Presentation at the 4th Annual Iowa Women's Leadership Summit, Iowa State University

April 25, 2008

"We were so pleased to have you here in Ames to set a scholarly tone for the wide-ranging meeting. What most impressed the audience was your ability to draw from personal experience, current events and the scholarship on gender and leadership. They were also pleased with the very direct answers you offered during Q&A. 

We would love to have you in Ames again."

Susan Carlson,
Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement and Diversity
Iowa State University, Ames, IA