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Brandeis Educational Snacks

We are excited to introduce our brand-new study guide genre, Brandeis Educational Snacks, another way to bring the Brandeis educational experience and connection to BNC members nationwide. The simple preparation for this genre, which can be arranged as a one-time event or a continuous study group, is available completely online.
The "main course" in this genre is an exciting and engaging discussion centered on various topics of interest, such as food and friendship. The "dessert" is additional readings and film recommendations for a satisfying and healthy time spent with friends.
Our first in the Brandeis Educational Snacks series is a study guide called Food and Culture, prepared by Njelle Hamilton, a Brandeis Ph.D. candidate in English. Food is one of the most primal parts of our lives, and its smells, colors, tastes and textures evoke good and bad memories. This guide brings you a gastronomic delight of different cultures. In up to six sessions, you will take a culinary tour of the tastes, texts and trails that link food with culture. You will sample clichés of cuisine and feast on fine literary and audio-visual treats while having the opportunity to discuss food's relationship with travel, family, gender and ethnicity.
The newest addition to our Learning Opportunities programming is perfect for a lunch or dinner gathering. Discussions during a meal can make it the most enjoyable and satisfying food experience you've had in a long time! It's also perfect for both boomers and men.

Click here to download the Food and Culture study guide.