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Download a PDF with directions to BOLLI.


Directions to BOLLI

Destinations: There are three destinations of interest at BOLLI, all in close proximity to each other (click on the image at the right to go to an interactive map):

  • Charles River parking lot, for parking and the shuttle van to and from Turner Street
  • 60 Turner Street, our classrooms
  • Old South Street offices in the Rabb School for staff

All three are just off South Street.  To get to South Street from I-95 / Route-128 or from downtown Waltham, follow the directions below. Then follow the further directions to each destination.

From I-95 / Route-128

Southbound: Take Exit 24 for Rte. 30. At the end of the ramp bear left and proceed through a traffic light (across Rte. 30). This is River Road.

Northbound: Take Exit 24 for Route 30.  Route 30 is one of several options at this exit, so follow signs carefully. Turn left at the top of the ramp onto Route 30. Turn right at the traffic lights onto River Road.

Continuing on River Road to South Street: Follow River Road for 1.5 miles to where it turns into South Street.

  • To Charles River Parking:  Once on South Street, there will be a small shopping center on the right, followed immediately by Angleside Road, also on your right. This is the turn-off to our Brandeis Charles River parking lot. (see further directions below)
  •  To 60 Turner Street:  Turner Street will be on your left just before the commuter rail tracks, a small street between Cappy’s Pizza and the South Street Market. Turn left onto Turner Street.
  • To Old South Street Offices:  Continue on South Street past the railroad crossing and past the parking lot on the right. Take the next angled right turn onto Old South Street.

From downtown Waltham

From Main Street turn left onto South Street and continue for about 1.1 miles, passing under the pedestrian bridge on the Brandeis campus and then by the main campus entrance on the right. Go up and down a small hill.

  • To Old South Street Offices:  Near the bottom of the hill, make a sharp left turn onto Old South Street.
  • To 60 Turner Street:  Continue over the railroad tracks. Turner Street will be the first street on your right, between South Street Market and Cappy’s Pizza.
  • To Charles River Parking:  Continue over the railroad tracks. Angleside Road will be the second left, just after Turner Street on the right (see further directions below).


On Angleside Road, drive past the first large parking lot on the left. Turn into the second driveway on the left, at the sign for the Brandeis Charles River Parking lot, then turn left again into the lot. Be sure to place your parking permit on the dashboard of your car.

Note: the first lot that you pass is the University Office Park parking area. It is not our space, so do not park in it. The BOLLI shuttle van also will not come for you there.

Getting From the Charles River Parking Lot to 60 Turner Street:

There are two ways to get to our classroom building at 60 Turner St.

  1. It’s a nice level walk, about 0.4 mile.
  2. The BOLLI shuttle van (a gray van called “Academy Bus”) will run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on regular class days during the semester.


After turning onto Turner Street, go about 550 feet to the entrance of the large parking lot on the right. Drive into this parking lot for 250 feet or so, and you will see 60 Turner Street across the street. It is a small brick building with a ramp in front. Enter through the front door where there is a sign which says”BOLLI”. Take a left and proceed to the lower level by the stairs or the elevator.

Note:  The parking lot is shared, with BOLLI entitled to a limited number of parking spaces. During class days, these are for use by members with a handicap permit; on non-class days, they are available to all members attending meetings or other BOLLI events.



Our building is the only one on the street; it looks like a gray house. The BOLLI entrance is the first door you come to. You can park on Old South Street, or in the driveway of the building on the left side.