Fall 2004 Courses




9:15 a.m.- 10:40 a.m. Art1-F04: Art of Photography
Bud Elliott & Richard Glantz

Wr1-F04: Memoir Writing
Ruth Harriet Jacobs

Lit1-F04: Timeless Issues in Drama #2 (Money)
Elaine Reisman

H&R2-F04: Jews in French History
Eveline Weyl

Comp1-F04: Explorations in Cyberspace
Len Heier & Sherm Okun

Myth1-F04: Classical Mythology (Greek and Roman)
Len Aberbach
CE1-F04: Current Events Roundtable
Paul London

H&G4: The Great Workshop: Metropolitan Boston Before the Automobile Age
Chaim Rosenberg

H&R1-F04: Constantine’s Sword
Sam Starobin

Lit4-F04: Shakespeare: From Page to Stage
Jim Robbins

10:50 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

H&G1-F04: Landmark Supreme Court Decisions
Bob Cohen

Lit2-F04: Introduction to James Joyce: Early Fiction
Lewis Miller

Rel1-F04: Journeys in Mysticism: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Carol Shedd & Ruth Housman

Lan1-F04: Revealing Treasures of the Hebrew Language II
Frieda Shear

Sc2-F04: Relativity for the Nonscientist
Bill Rachlin

Comm1-F04: Understanding The Media
Stan Klein

Lit5-F04: Portraits of America: An Examination of Our Culture
Judy Pastore

Lit&Soc1-F04: Anxiety in the Early 20th Century
Lois Ziegelman

Soc2-F04: Mass Hysteria: An American Experience
Maurie Stiefel

12:45 p.m.- 1:50 p.m. Lunch & Learn
Lunch & Learn
2:05 - 3:30 p.m.

H&G2-F04: South Africa: A Rainbow Nation
Michael Berger

Bio1-F04: Louis Brandeis: His Life & Times
Natalie Taub

Lit3-F04: Jewish Latin American Literature
Gene Kupferschmid

Soc1-F04: African-Americans in the Movies: Art or Propaganda
Clift Reed
H&G3-F04: Personal Health and Public Health Policy of the Presidents
Ed Goldberg

H&G5-F04: A Moviegoer Looks at the Red Scare
Bob Palter

Lit&Soc2-F04: Drama of the Family
Michael Kaufman

MU1-F04: Baroque Music
Bob Goepfert