Spring 2005 Lunch & Learn



2/23/05 Richard Rameriz
“Latino/Hispanic Immigration and the Economic & Cultural Impact on the US”
2/24/05 Jack Levin
Director Brudnick Center on Violence
Northeastern University
"Killers as Celebrities"
3/2/05 Barbara Henry
"The Story of Ruby Bridges: Up Close and Personal"
3/3/05 Dr. Beth Klerman
3/9/05 Susan Krumholz, JD, PhD
Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Director, Crime and Justice Studies "Restorative Justice"
3/10/05 Susan Stern
"Repairing the World in the 21st Century"
3/16/05 Professor Adam Jaffe, Ph.D.
Dean of Arts & Science, Brandeis
"Innovation and Its Discontent: Our Broken Patent System…"
3/17/05 Linda Schiller
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
"The Way of Dreams"
3/23/05 Lexington Sinfonietta
Chamber Players "Concert/Lecture"
3/24/05 Dr Robert Taylor
Director, Health Awareness Connection, Brookline, MA
"Sexually Transmitted Diseases : Prevention on the Front Lines"
3/30/05 Mark Auslander
Department of Anthropology, Brandeis University
"Using Anthropology to Understand the Modern American Wedding"
3/31/05 Betty Taymor
Program Dir, for Women In Politics...
Author "Running Against The Wind"
"Women in Massachusetts Politics"
4/6/05 Atty Alice Moore
Chief of the Public Prevention Bureau. Adj, Gen. Off Mass
Title: TBD
4/7/05 Lorna Miles Whalen
Senior Vice-President of Communications, Brandeis University
"Putting the "Brand" in Brandeis"
4/13/05 Break 4/14/05 Break
4/20/05 Steve Lewy
Holocaust Lecturer
"From the Holocaust to the US Army"
4/21/05 Dr. Alice Rothchild
"Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"
4/27/05 Alan O'Hare
Playwright, Artistic Director
"Circles In Time: Musical Drama"
4/28/05 Dr. David Brailofsky
"A Covenant in Shanghai"
5/4/05 Neil Chayet
President, Chayet Communications Group
"Twenty-Nine Years of "Looking at the Law"
5/5/05 Herman Eilts
Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, former chairman of International Relations Dept. at BU