Spring 2007 Courses




8:30 to 9:55 a.m.

SGL1-S07: Learn and Lead
Note: This course is an “extra.”  It does not count as one of your “two” courses.
Myrna Cohen and Sharon Sokoloff

Hum1-S07: Ethics and Issues
Robert Cohen

Wr1-S07: Your Journey: The Way it was: A Memoir Writing Exploration
Marlyn Katz Levenson

YOGA1-S07: Yoga - CLOSED
NOTE: This course is an “extra.”  It does not count as one of your “two” courses.
Sandy Levy

H&G1 – S07: Justice, Psychology, and Law - CLOSED
Maurice Stiefel

H&G5-S07: Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Neil Bernstein

Hum4-S07: Elderquest II: Journeys through Midlife and Beyond
2-period, 5-week course beginning March 28
Bunny Duhl, Esther Scharfman, Sharon Sokoloff

Comp1-S07: The Digital Darkroom: The Process of Managing the Photographic Creation Process From Your Camera to the Web
2-period course CLOSED
Len Heier & Sherm Okun

Lit5-S07: Great Stories by Favorite Authors - CLOSED
Harriet and Dick Kahn

10:05 to 11:30 a.m.

Lit1-S07: It was Hard to Grow Up
Sophie Freud

Sc2-S07: Selective Topics NEJM
5-week course beginning March 27
Ed Goldberg

Rel1-S07: What’s Going on Here?  Reading the Hebrew Bible for Pleasure, Ideas, and God - CLOSED
Rabbi David Kline

Sc1-S07: You: the Owners Manual - CLOSED
Bill Rachlin

Lit2-S07: Timeless Issues in Drama - CLOSED
Elaine Reisman

Hum4-S07: Elderquest II Continued
2-period, 5-week course beginning March 28
Duhl, Scharfman, Sokoloff

Comp1-S07: Digital Darkroom Continued
2-period course CLOSED
Len Heier & Sherm Okun

CE1-S07: Current Events - CLOSED
Ron Levy

Rel3-S07: How Jews Begat Christians; From Exile to Diaspora - CLOSED
Joe Winsten

Lit6-S07: The 19th Century French Novel: Stendhal, Balzac, and Flaubert - CLOSED
Lois Ziegelman

11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Lunch & Learn (begins at 12 p.m.)

Lunch & Learn (Begins at 12 p.m.)

1:25 to 2:50 p.m.

Lit3-S07: The Odyssey and Other Perspectives on Odysseus
Len Aberbach

Lit4-S07: The Spoken Script: Interpret and Present Short Plays
5-week course begining March 27 Tamara Chernow and Eileen Mitchell

H&G3-S07: America at the Fair: The World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893 - CLOSED
Chaim Rosenberg

Mu1-S07: Who’s Afraid of 20th Century Music
Naomi and Peter Schmidt

H&G2-S07: Water and The Politics of Water - CLOSED
Natalie Taub

Comp2-S07: Basic Computing for the Fearful - CLOSED
Carol Allman-Morton, Bruce Narasin, Ed Neidorf

H&G6-S07: Around the World in Ten Weeks: Problems and Progress in Developing Countries - CLOSED
Steve Baran

Hum2-S07: Making Sense of Wine - CLOSED
Ed Caldwell

Art1-S07: "The Romance of Art in a Post Modern World": 20th Century painting –
5-week course begining March 28 CLOSED
Cyn Maurice

H&G7-S07: Thurgood Marshall: Icon of Civil Rights - CLOSED
Clifton Reed

3 to 4:25 p.m.

Hum3-S07: Ethics and Issues
5-week course begining March 28
Robert Cohen

Lit7-S07: The Moral of the Story - CLOSED
Michael Kaufman

H&G8-S07: Democracy: An Exploration
Sam Starobin