Fall 2008 Courses

  Tuesday Wednesday
8:30 a.m. to 9:55 a.m.

SGL1-F08 - Learn and Lead           Myrna Cohen

H&G1-F08 - Creating the Bill of Rights: Origins and Interpretations 
      Barbara and Peter Benfield

H&G2-F08 - Great American Speeches- Orators their times, styles, impact 
     Peter Kastner

H&G3-F08 - The USSR? Not!!
     Ron Levy

Lit1-F08 - Time to Laugh 
      Elaine Reisman

H&G4-F08 - From Poland to Palm Springs In One Generation: The Jewish Movie Moguls and Hollywood’s Reaction to Anti-Semitism– A two period course held at the Wasserman Cinematique 
     Robert Palter

Mu2-F08 - Why Sing Plays – An exploration of the craft of American Musical Theater - Closed
Art Finstein

 Wr1-F08 - Creative Writing      Ruth Harriett Jacobs  

Lit4-F08 - “Celebrate Freedom: Read a Banned Book” – The History of Book Censorship in the United States
     Nancy Rawson

 H&G9-F08 - The Trial as History, Part II 
    Marc Schwarz

 H&G10-F08 - The Jews in France, From an Historical Perspective to the Present 
     Eveline Weyl

 YOGA1-F08 – Yoga Class - Closed
    Sandi Levy
10:05 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. H&G5-F08 - The Changing Face of Africa   - Closed
      Robert Cohen

Lit2-F08 - Honor thy father…?? Sons and the fifth commandment  - Closed
     Sophie Freud  

Hum1-F08 - Elderquest III: Continuing Journeys for Men and for Women  - Closed
     Judy Abrahams, Bunny Duhl, Charlie Raskin, Esther Scharfman, Sharon Sokoloff

Sc1-F08 - Electrons to Macromolecules: An Introduction to Principles of Chemistry 
     Martin Idelson  

H&G4-F08 – From Poland (continued) – A two period course 
     Robert Palter
Sc3-F08 - Story of science from antiquity to the present - Closed
    Fara Faramarzpour

 Lit5-F08 - Short Stories of Russia and Eastern Europe - Closed
   Dick and Harriet Kahn

 Comp1-F08 - Digital Photography: Organizing, Editing & Sharing Your Digital Photographs – At Old South Street- Closed
     Len Heier

Sc4-F08 -Introduction to Cryptography- Closed
Joel Kamer

Mu3-F08 - Opera: Tragedy, Comedy, and Romance - Closed
    Tom White

 Lit6-F08 - Dysfunctional Family I - Closed
     Lois Ziegelman
11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Lunch & Learn (begins at 12 p.m.) Lunch & Learn (Begins at 12 p.m.)
1:25 p.m. to 2:50 p.m.

 H&G13-F08 - New Archaeology and Ancient Maya 
    Eileen Mitchell

H&G6-F08 - America at the Fair: The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition
     Chaim Rosenberg

Lit3-F08 - The Victorian Web: Literature, History and Culture in the Time of Victoria - Closed
    Carol Shedd

Hum2-F08 - Invitation to the Dance - Closed
      Naomi Schmidt

 Sc2-F08 - Five Physicists who Changed the World View - Closed
     Peter Schmidt

H&G7-F08 - Does the Majority Govern in the United States of America? - Closed
     Elaine Storella
H&G11-F08 - The Immigration Crisis on the U.S.- Mexico Border; How did we get into it?  How can we resolve it? - Closed
   Elinor Jaffe

 Sc5-F08 - The Coming Energy Crisis - Closed
     Alden Carpenter and Allan Kleinman

Rel1-F08 - “Here comes the judge”-Samuel I- the last judge of Israel

 CE1-F08 - Current Events - Closed
     Martin Greenfield and Lois Sockol

 H&G12-F08 - A Very Muddled Situation – Third World Development and Foreign Aid 
    David Laredo

Comp2-F08 - Understanding Computers, Word, and Power Point – At Old South Street
Joel Freedman and Ed Neidorf

3:00 p.m. to 4:25 p.m

Rel2-F08 - What's Going On Here?  Reading the Hebrew Bible for Pleasure, Ideas, and God
   Rabbi David Kline

 H&G8-F08 - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, The Justice from Beacon Hill 
      Natalie Taub

Mu1-F08 - Great Composers in Stylistic and Historical Context
     Bob Goepfert

H&G14-F08 - To Subvert or Not to Subvert that is the Question: The Russian Intelligentsia 
     Merle Friedenberg

Lit7-F08 - Leadership in Literature - Closed
     Michael Kaufman

 Rel3-F08 - Top Ideas of the Bible
    Sarah Lieberman