Spring 2008 Courses

  Tuesday Wednesday
8:30 to 9:55 a.m. SGL1-S08 – Learn and Lead
Myrna Cohen

Art1-S08 - The Art of Photography: Images that Speak to Us
Bud Elliott and Richard Glantz

H&G1-S08 - National Health Policy: What a mess, how did it get that way and how will the candidates propose to fix it?
Carole Levy

Sc1–S08 - How We Know What We Know
Bill Rachlin

Hum2-S08 - Invitation to the Dance
Naomi Schmidt

H&G6-S08 - Why Lenin, Why Stalin, Why Gorbachev
Merle Luber Friedenberg

Sc3-S08 - Reviewing the current medical literature (A six-week course that begins April 2)
Ed Goldberg

Art3-S08 - Painting in the United States, A Survey
Miriam Goldman

H&G7-S08 - A Smorgasbord of Food History
Sandy Grasfield

Comp1-S08 – The Digital Darkroom: the Process of Managing the Photographic Creation Process from Your Camera to the Web- CLOSED-AT OLD SOUTH STREET (2 Period Course)
Len Heier

Sc4-S08 - Five Physicists who Changed the World View
Peter Schmidt

YOGA1-S08 – Yoga Class
Sandi Levy

10:05 to 11:30 a.m. Mu1-S08 - Why Sing Plays? -- An exploration of the craft of musical theater.
Arthur Finstein

Lit1-S08 - Personal Tales of Madness and Sadness - CLOSED
Sophie Freud

H&G3-S08 - Great American Speeches- Orators their times, styles, impact - CLOSED
Peter Kastner

Mu2-S08 - The Marriage of Figaro—A Guided Tour
(A five-week course that begins April 8)
Phillip Radoff

Lit3-S08 - Mysteries from the Golden Age – Classics of Detective Fiction - CLOSED
Nancy Rawson

Comp1-S08 – The Digital Darkroom - CLOSED- AT OLD SOUTH STREET (2 Period Course)
Len Heier

Wr2-S08 – Creative Writing
Ruth Harriett Jacobs

Lit5-SF08 - A Breach in Nature: Shakespeare’s Conception of the Ethical Life - CLOSED
Michael Kaufman

Myth1-S08 – Comparative Ancient Mythology - CLOSED
Alorie Parkhill

Lit6-S08 – Timeless Issues in Drama: Justice - CLOSED
Elaine Reisman

Lit 7-S08 – Ibsen and Shaw - CLOSED
Lois Ziegelman

11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Lunch & Learn (begins at 12 p.m.) Lunch & Learn (Begins at 12 p.m.)
1:25 to 2:50 p.m. Myth2- S08 - Classical Mythology/Odyssey - CLOSED
Len Aberbach

Sc2-S08 - Story of science from antiquity to the present - CLOSED
Fara Faramarzpour

Wr1-S08 – Memoir Writing: The Way It Was
Marlyn Katz Levenson

Lit2-S08 - Contemporary Irish Poetry: Beyond the Genius of Yeats to Seamus Heaney and Others - CLOSED
Arnold Messing

Lit4-S08 - The Spoken Script: 2 One-act Plays
(a six-week course that begins April 1)
Tamara Chernow and Eileen Mitchell

Lit9-S08 – Reading and Enjoying Poetry - CLOSED
Ruth Baden

H&G4-S08 - The Changing Face of Africa - CLOSED
Robert Cohen

Lit10-S08 – The Latin American Short Story
(A five-week course that begins April 9) - CLOSED
Gene Kupferschmid

CE1-S08 – Current Events - CLOSED
Martin Greenfield and Lois Sockol

Comp2-S08 - Safe Surfing – An Introduction to the Internet –CLOSED - AT OLD SOUTH STREET
Bruce Narasin

Mu3-S08 - Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington – What A Time It Was - CLOSED
Maurie Stiefel

3 to 4:25 p.m Rel1-S08 - What's Going On Here? Reading the Hebrew Bible for Pleasure, Ideas, and God
Rabbi David Kline

H&G2-S08 - Leadership Giants of the Allies: FDR, Churchill, Stalin, De Gaulle and Chiang and their Military Commanders - CLOSED
Dick Winer

Lit11-S08 - Short Stories From Far and Wide and When - CLOSED
Dick and Harriet Kahn

Hum1-S08 - Myth, Religion and Values
(A five-week course that begins April 9)
Sarah Lieberman

H&G8-S08 - From Waltham to Lowell-“Venture Capitalism and the Mill Ladies- Textile Manufacturing in New England 1815-1860
Jim McAlpine