Tuesday Wednesday
8:30 a.m. to 9:55 a.m.

SGL1-S09 - Learn and Lead         Myrna Cohen

Hum3-S09 - Aging With Awareness: Harvesting the Wisdom of Life - (5 WEEK COURSE)
Elizabeth David

Mu1-S09 - A Tanglewood Sample (CLOSED)
Arthur M. Finstein

Sc1-S09 - Electrons to Macromolecules: An Introduction to Principles of Chemistry
Martin Idelson

Wr1-S09 - Memoir Writing: Your Journey: The Way it was: A Memoir Writing Exploration
Marlyn Katz Levenson

Hum4-S09 - Electra, Oedipus, The Bible – Why Bother? 
Miriam Goldman

Wr2-S09 – Creative Writing
Ruth Harriet Jacobs

Lit2-S09 - More Short Stories from the Americas (CLOSED)
Harriet Kahn and Richard Kahn

Comp2-S09 - Demystifying Digital Photography
Al Levin

YOGA1-S09 – Yoga Class - (CLOSED)
Sandi Levy

Mu3-S09 - Jews, Music and Identity in America
Judith S. Pinnolis

10:05 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

H&G1-S09 - Africa Now! (CLOSED)
Robert Cohen

Sc2-S09 - Medical News of the Week - This course will be held in the Old South Street Building
Edward Goldberg

H&G2-S09 - Health Care Policy: What a mess: How did it get that way and what might be the policies of the new administration to fix it.
Carole Levy

H&G3-S09 - New Perspectives of Abraham Lincoln and his World (CLOSED)
Jim McAlpine

Lit1-S09 - Timeless Issues in Drama #3: Justice (CLOSED)
Elaine Reisman

Lit3-S09 - His Daughter’s Father (CLOSED)
Sophie Freud

H&G6-S09 - Finding Your Way Through The Medical Maze
Shelly Glazier

H&G7-S09 - Herodotus, Father of History
Michael Lindheimer

Mu4-S09 - Così Fan Tutte: A Guided Tour - (6 WEEK COURSE) (CLOSED)
Phillip L. Radoff

Lit5-S09 - The Human Predicament in an Age of Anxiety (CLOSED)
Lois Ziegelman

11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Lunch & Learn (begins at 12 p.m.)

Lunch & Learn (Begins at 12 p.m.)

1:25 p.m. to 2:50 p.m.

Comp1-S09 - Digital Photography: Organizing, Editing & Sharing Your Digital Photographs (CLOSED)
This course will be held in the Old South Street Building
Len Heier

Rel1-S09 - What’s Happening Here, III: Prophets, their place in Religion and History (CLOSED)
David L. Kline

H&G11-S09 - The Spanish Civil War: 1936 – 1939 (CLOSED)
Gene S. Kupferschmid

H&G4-S09 – Russia: The Bear in the Room (CLOSED)
Ron Levy

Hum1-S09 - Early Television in America: Much More than Memories (CLOSED)
David Moskowitz

Mu2-S09 - Opera: Tragedy, Comedy, and Romance - (5 WEEK COURSE) (CLOSED)
Thomas A. White

Sc3-S09 - Introduction to Cryptography
Joel Kamer

Lit4-S09 - A Shakespearean Sampler (CLOSED)
Michael Kaufman

H&G8-S09 - Winston Churchill: An Appreciation (CLOSED)
Marc Schwarz

CE1-S09 – Current Events
Lois Sockol

Mu5-S09 - Gershwin, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington – What A Time It Was (CLOSED)
Maurie Stiefel

3:00 p.m. to 4:25 p.m

Hum2-S09 - Making Sense of Wine
Allan Kleinman and Peter Schmidt

H&G5-S09 - Patriots, Dissidents and Traitors
Chaim Rosenberg

Rel2-S09 - In The Name of God: An Introduction to the Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Carol Shedd

H&G9-S09 - The Making of the Modern World Since the Industrial Revolution
Fara Faramarzpour

H&G10-S09 - Great American Presidential and Orators Speeches their times, styles & impact
Peter Kastner

Econ1-S09 - Current Challenges in the American Economy: Can/Should We Reform It?
Harriet Janel-Starrett