Fall 2013 Course Schedule

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Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

9:00 - 10:25 a.m.

 Art2-10-Tu1  Painters of the Italian Renaissance

Suzanne Art


 Lit2-10-Tu1  The Legendary Lillian [Hellman]

Sandy Grasfield


 Lit8-10-Tu1  Art in Mysteries, Mysteries in Art

Nancy Rawson


 Wri1-10-Tu1  Becoming a Writer: “Re-seeing” the Past Through Memoir Writing

Jane Kays

 Art3-10-We1  Photography 201 (A Step Beyond Basic)

Arthur Sharenow


 Film1-10-We1  Through a Woman’s Eye: A Look at the Films of Two Women Indian Directors

Judith Pinnolis

*This class will begin promptly at 8:30 on the five days when we show a film. The very first class will start at 8:30!


 Lit4-10-We1  Favorite Short Stories Revisited

Richard and Harriet Kahn


 Soc8-10-We1  Good, Bad and Ordinary:  Children of Jewish Immigrants in America

Chaim M. Rosenberg

 Rel2-10-Th1  Jerusalem: from Abraham to the Beginnings of Modern Times

Carol Johnson Shedd


 H&G4-10-Th1  The Path to Hiroshima

Edward Goldberg

(Not given this semester)


 Lit7-10-Th1  Toni Morrison: A Great American Writer

Alorie Parkhill


 Soc10-10-Th1  The Sociology of "Deviant" Behaviors

Sandy Sherizen

10:40 a.m. -
12:05 p.m.

 H&G9-10-Tu2  American Loyalists and the American Revolution

Jim McAlpine


 H&G1-10-Tu2  International Human Rights: Victims, Violators, and Enforcers

Marguerite M. Dorn, Esq.


 Soc4-5a-Tu2  In The Future: Alternative Energy, Lifestyle Changes and New Patterns of Settlement

Maurice (Mo) Freedman

* This is a 5-week course which meets September 17 through October 15.


 Lit3-5b-Tu2  “To See Ourselves As Others See Us” – Older Adults, Seen Through the Lens of Current Fiction

Eleanor Jaffe

* This is a 5-week course which meets October 22 through November 19.


 Lit9-10-Tu2  Timeless Issues in Drama: Power/Authority/Control

Elaine S. Reisman

 Lit11-10-We2  The 19th Century French Novel: Stendhal, Balzac, and Flaubert

Lois Ziegelman


 Lit6-10-We2  Tales of Five Cities: A Literary Exploration

David Moskowitz


 Rel1-10-We2  Judaism Comes to America:  They Came, Adapted and Thrived

Sarah Lieberman


 Sci2-5a-We2  A Science Sampler: Five by Three

Karen Wagner, Peter Schmidt, Gillian Geffin

* This is a 5-week course which meets September 18 through October 16.


 Sci1-5b-We2  Our Mysterious Sub-atomic World: Quantum Mechanics without a Wrench

Peter Schmidt

* This is a 5-week course which meets October 23 through November 20.

 Soc1-10-Th2  Communication Technology Transforming Human Society: From Papyrus to the iPad

Michel Adler


 Mus2-10-Th2  Enchanted Evenings: Great American Musicals and Their Sources

Verne Vance


 Soc5-10-Th2  Off the pedestal: Sigmund Freud Revisited

Sophie Freud


 Wri2-10-Th2  Deepening Our Craft: Unifying Narratives

Marjorie Roemer

12:05 - 1:35 p.m.

 Lunch and Learn

 Lunch and Learn

 Lunch and Learn

1:40 - 3:05 p.m.

 L&L-10-Tu3  Learn & Lead: How to Become a Study Group Leader

Myrna Cohen


 H&G11-10-Tu3  How Victorian were the Victorians?

Marc Schwarz


 H&G3-10-Tu3  Understanding China Today - Where it's Been, Where it's Headed

Richard Frost with Jerritt Hafford


 Lit5-10-Tu3  Fiction with a Math Chaser II – Jorge Luis Borges

Joel Kamer


 Soc7-10-Tu3  American Education: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Mary and Richard Mansfield

 H&G6-10-We3  Rat Lines: The Nazi Escape from Post-WWII Justice to South American Havens

Gene S. Kupferschmid


 H&G8-10-We3  Winston Churchill: The Failed Politician Who Rose Like the Phoenix - His Pre WW2 Life

Harvey Lewis


 H&G10-10-We3  The Civil War: Was It Inevitable?

Stephen Messinger


 Lit1-10-We3  Three Poets:  Joy and Angst in the Twentieth Century

Ruth Kramer Baden

 Art1-10-Th3  Three Giants of Post Impressionism: Lautrec, Gauguin and Van Gogh

Nancy Alimansky


 Cur-10-Th3  Current Events: Developments in Local, National, and World Affairs

Lois Sockol


 Film2-10-Th3  Brando the Great: a film course

Irwin Silver


 H&G7-5a-Th3  Putin

Ronald Levy

*This is a 5-week course which meets Sept. 19 through Oct.17.

 Soc9-5b-Th3  What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets

Edward Selig

*This is a 5-week course which meets Oct. 24 through Nov. 21.

3:20 - 4:45 p.m.

 H&G2-10-Tu4  The Remarkable Roosevelts: Franklin, Eleanor and World War II

Fran Feldman


 Soc3-10-Tu4  Aging with Awareness: The Quest for Fulfillment

Elizabeth David


 Soc6-10-Tu4  The Boston Appleton Family through their Art and Letters

Diana Korzenik


 Lit10-10-Tu4  Shakespeare’s Historical Kings: Fact or Fiction

Carol Fain Walters

 Dra-10-We4   Scene-iors:  Staging 1 or more Short Plays

Eileen Mitchell


 Mus1-10-We4  Power and Passion!:  The Voices of Opera and Così Fan Tutte: A Guided Tour

Helen Sagan and Phil Radoff


 Soc2-10-We4  Aspergers, ADHD, and/or Genius?

MaryAnn Byrnes

 Eco-10-Th4  Intersection of Government and Economy: What Works and What Doesn't

Leonard Meiselman


 H&G5-10-Th4  The “Lachrymose” History of Health Care Reform in the United States

Jeff Kichen