Faculty Seminar News

June Brandeis Faculty Seminars are open for registration.

Brandeis Faculty Seminars

BOLLI offers courses led by Brandeis faculty members in December, January, June, and August. 

Click on any of the seminar names to see more information. Contact Ilana Levine with any questions.

December 2014

  • December 15-19, 9:30 am-12:30 pm: Macbeth with Billy Flesch (a Rapaporte seminar)

January 2015

Past Seminars

August 2014 Evolution and Revolution in the Music of Beethoven with Gilad Harel
August 2014 Kirosawa's The Seven Samurai: An Adventure in Film and Criticism with Billy Flesch (a Rapaporte Seminar)
June 2014 The Evolving Legacy of Justice Louis D. Brandeis with Dan Breen
January 2014 The New Testament in the Context of Ancient Israel: An Introduction with Jamie Bryson
January 2014 As You Like It: The Nature of Good-Naturedness with Billy Flesch

December 2013

Hamlet in Hollywood and other Literary Legacies with Michael Booth
December 2013 Soli Deo Gloria: J.S. Bach, the Glory and the Controversy with Gil Harel

August 2013

Hamlet with Billy Flesch & Michael Booth
August 2013 Astaire & Rogers: Top Hat and Swing Time with Billy Flesch
August 2013 Music and the Spirit of Romanticism with Gil Harel
June 2013 Music after the War with Jared Redmond
June 2013 Divided Power: US Federalism from Slavery to Same Sex Marriage with Dan Breen
January 2013 Othello with Billy Flesch
January 2013 Music: the Magical Force with Jared Redmond
January 2013 The Human Life Course Across Cultures with Sarah Lamb
January 2013 Other Desert Cities with Scott Edmiston
August 2012 From Dixieland to Duke and Satchmo to Sun Ra: A Survey of Jazz History with Gil Harel
August 2012 The Maltese Falcon with Billy Flesch
June 2012

Depression Era Hollywood with Paul Morrison

June 2012 Forging Political Opinion Over the Long and Short Haul with Jill Greenlee
January 2012 Press and Politics with Eileen McNamara
January 2012 Richard the Third with Billy Flesch
August 2011 Hitchcock Up Close
June 2011 Understanding Contemporary Art
June 2011 Islamic Republic of Iran
January 2011 King Richard the Second
January 2011 Mammoth Cheeses and Burning Flags: Civil Liberties in the United States
June 2010 Film on Film
June 2010 Ideas in America/Ideas of America
January 2010 Antony and Cleopatra
January 2010 Health Care Reform
 June 2009 Scenes of self‐ and societal‐expression: Art and Artists of the past three decades
 June 2009 American Foreign Policy at the Crossroads
 January 2009 The Winter’s Tale
 January 2009 The European Union: A Political Miracle at Middle Age
 June 2008 A Different and In-Depth Look at 2 Classic Films
 June 2008  The Press and Politics: An Examination of the Coverage of Campaign 2008
Jan. 2008 The Merchant of Venice
Jan. 2008 The Law of Privacy, from Justice Brandeis to the Right to Die
June 2007 Echoes of the Cold War
June 2007 Modern Art
Jan. 2007 Hamlet
June 2006 Italian Masters of the Renaissance: Florence, Rome, Venice
June 2006 Separation of Church & State: Is It Threatened?
Spring 2005 Elderquest: The Emergence of the Cinema and Literature of Age
Spring 2005 Elderquest: Additional Information
Jan. 2005 King Lear: The Personal and the Political
June 2005 The Culture of Journalism
June 2005 Art of the 20th Century: What It's All About
June 2004 The 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Vote for President