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Account Codes

Click here for the complete list of actual transaction account codes.


Getting Access

Budget Maestro

Oracle PeopleSoft Instructions

Brandeis University uses the Oracle PeopleSoft financial system, which comprises different modules that are used to support specific areas of the university.

Understanding a Chartstring

The Chartstring (or chargeline) of any transaction tells the "Who, What, Where and How" of the transaction posting to the University General Ledger. It provides details of any financial transaction taking place and includes the following:

                     Account - Fund - DeptID - Program

                        6180       -      11     -   12345   -   23456 

Account Code: "What" Details the type of transaction. Will have 4 digits. Account codes show whether the transaction is revenue, expense, or budget.  Revenue and expense account codes will automatically roll-up to the appropriate budget code.

 Note: Please try NOT to use Account Code 7180 (other) - choose the account code that most closely describes the transaction.

Fund Number: "Where" Will have 2 digits. This number identifies the ledger.

Department ID: "Who" Will have 5 digits. Shows who made the transaction.

Program Number: "How" Will have 5 digits. Describes how the transaction is being funded- using a gift, discretionary fund, endowment etc.

Project or Grant Number (if applicable): "What" Will have 6 or 9 digits. Only used to indicate that the transaction is part of a grant or a capital project.

Click here for more information on Chartstrings.