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Brandeis University Chartstring

The Brandeis University Chart of Accounts, or Chartsting, enables the University to record and track financial information via the PeopleSoft Financial application.

The Chartstring tells us the Who, What, Where and How of any transaction posting to the University General Ledger.  It provides details of any financial transaction taking place and includes the following:

Account Code Fund Number Department ID Program Number Project or Grant Number
6123 11 12345 23456
7123 15 12345 40000 401234

Account Code

"What"   Will have 4 digits.  Details the specific type of transaction (revenue, expense, budget etc).  Revenue and expense accounts will automatically roll-up to the appropriate budget code.

Budget Account Codes
For a complete list of actual transaction account codes, please visit the Chart of Accounts webpage.

Please choose the account code that most closely describes the transaction.

Fund Number

"Where"  Will have 2 digits.  Identifies the fund. This is a global classification of the transaction.
  • Fund 11    Unrestricted Operations (Use for Opex)
  • Fund 12    Unrestricted Capital Projects
  • Fund 13    Pass Throughs (Student Activities)
  • Fund 14    Brandeis National Committee
  • Fund 15    Unrestricted Federally Sponsored (Grants)
  • Fund 16    Unrestricted NonFederally Sponsored (Grants)
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Department ID 

"Who"  Will have 5 digits.  Often referred to as the DeptID.  This number identifies which Department is posting the transaction.

To request a new DeptID, fill out this form and send to the Office of Budget & Planning at

Program Number

"How"  Will have 5 digits.  Describes how the transaction is being funded. Whether the money is coming from a gift, an endowment, etc.

  • Program 11000   University Operating Funds
  • Program 12000   Capital Projects Funded by University
  • Program  40000 Grants
  • Program 14xxx    Brandeis National Committee
  • Program 2xxxx   Gifts
  • Program 49xxx   Discretionary Funds
  • Program 6xxxx   Endowment Funds

If you receive gifts, please contact Paula Lee at x64128 or

Project or Grant Numbers


Capital Projects:

  • Project number has 9 digits
  • Identifies the transaction as part of a capital project
  • Used with Fund 12
  • Project Numbers are issued by Office of Budget & Planning, ext. 68312


  • Project number has 6 digits, usually of the form 40xxxx or 43xxxx
  • Identifies the transaction as part of a grant
  • Used with Funds 15&16
  • Grant Numbers are issued by Sponsored Program Accounting, ext. 64484

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