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How long does it take for an invoice to be paid?
The timing of the payment depends mostly on the payment terms for the specific vendor. Most vendors have “net 30 days” payment terms. The lead time for a payment to be processed is typically 10-15 business days.
Who can authorize an invoice for payment?
If the invoice will be paid against a Purchase Order (PO), the approval is part of the PO requisition process and no additional approval is required. If the invoice is paid against a chartstring, the budget manager or other authorized manager must sign off.
Do all vendors need to submit form W-9?
Yes, it is required by Brandeis policy and by the IRS regulations. The W-9 form can be found on our website.
What if I need a rush payment?
If a rush payment is required, please let the AP staff know and they will try their best to accommodate the request. Please keep in mind that a rush request is not a reason to bypass any of the Brandeis policies and controls.
How long does it take for an expense reimbursement to be paid?
The AP staff puts priority on all expense reimbursements and they are typically paid in 7-10 business days. Please remember that incomplete expense documentation will delay the payment. As of Dec. 15, 2014, all expense reimbursements to staff and faculty are paid via direct deposit to the same account that is used for Payroll.
Can I get petty cash for my expense instead of waiting for AP to process it?
You can get petty cash if your expense is up to $100. Please bring your approved expense report with the documentation and your Brandeis ID to the Cashier window at 60 Turner St.
Who should authorize my expense reimbursement?
In general, the budget manager for your department is the proper authority to sign. Alternatively, the head of the department, the PI, the Dean or the Admin. Manager may be authorized to sign.
Where should I send my approved invoices or expense reimbursements?
All payment requests should be sent to accountspayable@brandeis.edu.
How can I find out if an invoice or expense reimbursement has been paid?
When an invoice is paid, the charge will appear on your web reports under the appropriate chartstring. In addition, you can always inquire with the AP staff to research specific items.