Green Events

green events

Certified Green Events
 is a  program that will allow events sponsored by clubs or departments to be recognized for taking energy and waste reduction actions. This is one step towards fulfilling the University’s commitment to social justice and sustainability as part of the President’s Climate Commitment

Note: At this time only self catered or events without food waste are being included in the program. At a later date catered events will be added after this first phase.

Next steps before submitting the form:

  1. Review the  checklist  and create a Green Event Action Plan with those involved in planning the event at the beginning of the event planning process. This involves deciding which items you will choose  and what steps you will take to achieve them.
  2. Fill out the online form  at least 5 days before your event with the steps you have decided to pursue. 
  3. Contact with any questions about green event planning or logistical inquiries. An Eco-Rep maybe in touch to discuss any questions in the form.
  4. Make sure you are also following all Conference & Events Services steps and requirements (Green Events does not reserve spaces etc. for you).

You will get a certificate via campus mail to display at least two days before the event, the opportunity to publicize your event to the monthly Green Ideas newsletter, and 5 free reusable water bottles or mugs for guest speakers or prizes.  If assistance is required to set up compost and other items you may be able to have an Eco-Rep attend.

Thank you for your efforts to help make Brandeis University a leader in college campus sustainability.