Past Student Assistants

Kai Keller

Kai Keller'07

After graduating from Brandeis in 2007, Kai moved to New York and has been working as an international equity trader for several different Investment Banks. Since July he is at Daiwa Securities where he is focused on Asia. Also, following a 2-year post-Brandeis timeout, he is now fencing competitively again representing the New York Athletic Club and is hopeful to establish himself among the top ranked national fencers this year. He is getting married to his fiance Sophie next summer in New York.

Larissa Liebmann '10 

Larissa Liebmann

Larissa Liebmann graduated from American University's Washington College of Law in May 2013, and is now living in Washington, D.C. with her two rescue cats.  She is working as a Legal Fellow at Potomac Riverkeeper on Clean
Water Act enforcement.

Tim Neunzig MA'10
Tim Neunzig
After graduating from Brandeis with a Masters in Finance and Economics, Tim settled in with TripAdvisor in Newton.  There he manages the Search Marketing Accounts for the US and Canada. Tim recently bought a little house in Roxbury and spends his free time making it a nice home and enjoying life.

Kilian Leibundgut MA‘11
Kilian Leibundgut
Killian has been busy starting a new job as a technical support specialist for Netsuite. Currently, he lives in Brno, Czech Republic due to the location of this job. Otherwise Kilian has been busy with various projects, personal and professional. Most prominent amongst them he has (finally) managed to self-publish a first book. It is very thin, only 90 pages of short stories, but a good first step that has given him the courage to aim for a second book by the end of this year.
If anyone is interested. the amazon link is:

Julia Beier MA'12

Julia was born and raised in Weimar, Germany. She obtained her Bachelors in International Business & Management in Germany and France. Afterwards, she was selected as a Fulbright scholar and is now received her Master studies in Sustainable International Development at the Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.  

Darryl Joo '12

Darryl Joo

Darryl is a native Korean who moved to America early on in his life, and presently resides in New Jersey. He started his German studies in his sophomore year and spent a semester & summer abroad in Freiburg, Germany during his Junior year. He completed his undergraduate degrees May 2012 with majors in Economics and German Studies.

Benjamin Mandl '12

Benni was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. After moving to the United States in 2008, he graduated from Lexington High School in 2009. He started his studies at UMass Boston and transferred after completing his freshman year to Brandeis University. He completed his undergraduate degree in May 2012 with a major in Economics and minors in Philosophy and Math.

Sarah Klapisch '13

Sarah Klapisch was born in the United States, but moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2003. She has also recently studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and spent considerable time with her family in Essen Germany. While at Brandeis University, she majored in Psychology.

Jonathan Jecker '13
Jonathan Jecker
Jonathan Jecker has moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area since graduation and began working in the tech world. Jon is currently an Associate Product manager at Endicia, an e-commerce solutions company. In his free time, Jonathan has been traveling around Northern California and reconnecting with childhood friends. He misses his CGES crew a great deal.

Ingrid Schulte '13

Ingrid Schulte
At the end of August, after two months of training, Ingrid officially began her service with the Peace Corps in Swaziland, Africa where she will be working as a community health volunteer for the next two years. In collaboration with local community members, she will address issues including but not
limited to HIV/AIDS, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation, financial.

Arina Chithavong '15Arina Chithavong

Arina was born and raised in Heidelberg in the South of Germany. She is a German citizen with Lao refugee migration background. Arina holds a Bachelor of Arts double majoring in History and Social Anthropology from the University of Heidelberg and spent a semester abroad in Israel studying the Honors Program in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Haifa. Arina most recently worked as a Development Aid Fellow at the Highland Research and Development Instituteand the German International Cooperation GIZ in Thailand . As a fellow, she worked on various projects, promoting biodiversity and indigenous knowledge and planning capacity building training workshops on integrating ecosystem services into development planning in the ASEAN region. Moreover, she gained policy experience in Washington, D.C.  and at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Germany. Arina is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Sustainable International Development at Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. 

Tara Loeber '14

Tara Loeber

Tara was born and raised in the United States, but has been studying German for ten years, and is completing her Bachelor's in German Studies and Psychology. Since her sophomore year at Brandeis, she has been an Undergraduate Departmental Representative for the German Department, except for Spring 2013 when she was abroad in Berlin, Germany. After graduation in May 2014 Tara plans on moving back to Berlin. 

Leonie Koch '16

Leonie Koch

Leonie Koch of the class of 2016 was born in Awali, Bahrain to an Irish mother and a German father. From the age of ten months she grew up in Switzerland, at first in Geneva and then later in Zurich, finishing high school and receiving her International Baccalaureate diploma there. She plans to double major in Politics and International and Global Studies, with a minor in Legal Studies, and later obtain a graduate degree in international law. 

Nelly Schläfereit '15


Nelly was born in Hamburg, Germany but lived near Köln, Germany until 2001, when her family moved to Geneva, Switzerland. She is currently majoring in Anthropology and International and Global Studies at Brandeis University and works as the German tutor for the Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study program on campus.

Elise Sobotka '15

Photo of Elise

Elise was born and raised in the United States. However, her family's German heritage inspired her to learn German, which she has now been studying for over 10 years. She is on track to receive her B.S. in biology and B.A. in German studies and plans to go into the health field. She is interested in eventually either working or living in Germany.  In addition, she has been an undergraduate representative of the German studies program since her sophomore year and has recently returned from studying abroad in Dresden.

Erin Robinson, Graduate Student 


Erin Robinson was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a Master of Public Policy student at The Heller School. Erin has a B.S. in International Affairs and Modern Languages (German). She first visited Germany during an exchange program in high school. She also studied abroad there during her undergraduate experience.  During the 2013-2014 academic year she worked as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Ludwigshafen, Germany.  In her free time Erin enjoys learning new languages, reading novels and watchingpolitical dramas.


Tamar Forman-Gejrot '16 


Tamar was born near Stuttgart, Germany but grew up and lived in Berlin where she attended a German-American school. She is currently a senior at Brandeis University pursuing majors in Linguistics and Computer Science and a minor in French and Francophone Studies. Tamar also is passionate about music, learning new languages, and traveling. She loves baking and cooking, and considers food the best mediator among cultures, while having a personal preference for French patisserie and all things butter.


Tamar Lyssy '16


Tamar was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. She is  majoring in Sociology and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies with a Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies minor. She has started working at CGES her Sophomore year.


Jonathan Jackson ‘16


Jonathan is a senior at Brandeis majoring in Business, Economics, and International and Global Studies. He is passionate about the German language and European politics, which he spent a semester studying in Freiburg in Baden-Württemberg. Jonathan hopes to return to Germany for graduate studies and will eventually pursue an education in international and comparative law.


Eve Litvak, Graduate Student




Eve is a first generation born American, in a family of Soviet immigrants. Having questioned and explored her identity throughout her undergraduate study at Brandeis, when she majored in Russian, European Culture, and International & Global Studies, and minored in Italian, Law, and Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, she is excited for the next academic adventure. This year, she is pursuing a Master’s of Comparative Humanities. When she’s not scrambling to complete her graduate work, you can find her at a local cultural event or seeking out a travel opportunity.

Benyamin Meschede-Krasa ‘17


Benyamin was born and raised in Newton MA but frequently visits his grandparents in Hannover, Germany. He also spent his seventh grade year in Hannover and had his Bar Mitzvah with the Jewish Congregation of Hameln. He is currently a sophomore at Brandeis and is planning on majoring in neuroscience.

Helena Voltmer ‘18

Helena Voltmer image

Helena was born near Vienna, Austria but grew up in Salzburg, Austria while her parents worked. In 2008 her family moved to northern New Jersey where she attended and graduated high school. She is double majoring in Politics and International and Global Studies. She enjoys traveling, trying new foods, and relaxing with her friends and family.

Emma Gutman ‘18


Emma grew up in a small suburb of South Jersey but recently moved to New York City. She began learning German in seventh grade and has continued ever since. She is a double major in History and Anthropology with a minor in German Studies. Outside of academics, you can probably find her dancing with Adagio Dance Company or exploring Boston for cool, 
new foods to try.
Hauke Ziessler ‘18, Graduate Student
Being born into a German family and living most of his life in Germany and South Africa, Hauke, has equally been stricken by the “wanderlust”. He is currently in his second year of a Dual Degree Graduate program in the Heller School studying Conflict Resolution and Coexistence/Near Eastern and Judaic Studies with a focus on the Arts as a tool for social change. When he is not practicing with the Bad Grammer Improv Comedy Group, he is cooking or exploring the urban jungle around him
Priyanka Grover '18, Graduate Student 
Priyanka was born and raised in Delhi, India. She is a current Computer Science graduate student at Brandeis. For Priyanka, the future is when innovation finds the right technology and technology finds the right craftsman for weaving that future. It is this craftsman in her that brought her to Brandeis. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Statistics from University of Delhi and with around 3 years of working as an Analyst and a project consultant in India, she is here to deep-dive in the world of technology. Given her passion for German, she has been learning the language professionally along with her jobs in India and at school.
Antonia Kuntze, Graduate Student 
Antonia was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany where she participated in a dual study program. She received her Bachelor in Shipping & Ship Finance as well as an apprenticeship in a shipping company where she was employed as operations manager and technical controller. In 2016 she decided to pursue her MBA at Brandeis International Business School. Antonia has a passion for sports, especially Basketball and water, especially large ships.