Funding FAQs

Q: If I pay for physical goods under $1,000 or travel  out of my own money, can I get paid back?

A: If the funding was granted through A-Board or the money is coming from your fundraising account, then you can usually do this. (Exceptions: all independent contractors, online orders of physical goods, and any non-travel purchases over $1000.) Please keep in mind, sales tax might not be reimbursed. To obtain a reimbursement, please follow the following steps:

  • Complete a PRF Withdrawal Form (in SUMS)
  • Have the original itemized receipt (proof of payment). If it’s an online order, pre-approval is needed, or it needs to be paid for by a Brandeis PCard from the treasury. Print an order confirmation and attach a bank/credit card statement as proof of payment. The name on the statement must match the name of the person being paid on the PRF. Note that the treasurer and budget analyst must pre-approve of online orders; they are normally required to be made on a P-Card (either the treasurer’s, your club’s, or your advisor’s).
  • For travel reimbursements submit documentation from MapQuest or Google Maps with proof of attendance at destination and proof of travel. If travel includes airfare, you should use a Business Expense Report available through the Student Union.
  • Submit all forms to the Union Treasurer who will process the reimbursement.

Q: I didn’t receive the full reimbursement that I submitted. How come?

A: There are several reasons for not receiving a requested reimbursement amount fully:

  • Sales tax deduction

  • The reimbursement amount requested is more than actual money remaining in an organization’s A-Board Allocations Fund or a fundraising account

  • The reimbursement is not for an expense approved by the A-Board

  • The reimbursement would violate city, state, or federal law.

Q: I found a great deal on Amazon. Can I purchase the item and get reimbursed?

A: No. For all online purchases, it is required to use the Student Union’s PCard instead of your own credit card. Please go to the Treasurer’s office hours for more information. (If your club has an advisor, you can instead go to that person and request to use their PCard.)

Q: I have money that we raised during a bake sale, what do I do with it?

A: To deposit your fundraised money, please make arrangements with the Student Union Treasurer. Count all funds and complete a Deposit Form in SUMS. You must then print out and bring this form with you to the Student Union Treasury. It is important that your money be deposited as quickly as possible to avoid having money lost or stolen. If you need to store funds overnight, prior to the event please see the Department of Student Activities for assistance.  The Student Union Treasurer keeps careful track of each club’s fundraising account. Be sure to get receipts for everything, as well as keep track of your own accounts!

Q: We have a lot of money that goes in and out of our club; can I open an off campus bank account?

A: No, clubs may not open off-campus bank accounts or other financial instruments. Under no circumstance will Brandeis make payments to any club bank accounts or other financial instruments. All payments and deposits must be processed through University systems.

Q: What should be done if a payment is not received?  

A: Sometimes, a club or vendor does not receive its check. This can be for a number of reasons, such as missing paperwork, an incorrect  address, or the lengthy processing cycle. While the Union Treasurer and Student Activities department, as well as the Accounts Payable and Payroll departments, are able to look up the status of a payment, with your SUMS access, you can also determine the status of your payment.

  • The following are the steps a club should take when there is a question about the status of a check request:

  • First, check the request’s Approval Summary in SUMS.

  • If the request status is not “Posted in PeopleSoft,” clubs should first ensure that at least two to three weeks have passed from the transaction date in SUMS (or five to six weeks for payroll forms “SPF” or “PR-1”) before making an inquiry regarding the status of the request.

  • If the request status is ”Posted in PeopleSoft,” clubs should obtain a valid reference number. For all PRF’s and NEPRF’s, the best reference number is the Voucher Number, which can be obtained by searching for the payment in SUMS under “PeopleSoft: PSData.”

  • Once clubs have a valid reference number, they should directly contact the appropriate department (Payroll for payroll, or Accounts Payable for other check requests) with all questions.

Q: Why does it take so long to get a physical check?

A: It can be two to four weeks before a check is issued. A minimum of three different individuals review every club financial transaction. This creates an extremely strong audit process that assists to eliminate fraud and gives the University insight into club operations. This, in turn, can illuminate issues to which University resources can be committed in order to help improve the quality of student life on campus.

Q:How can a club access funds during the summer?

A: Clubs may contact the Budget Analyst or Student Activities directly during the summer for emergency check requests. Note that all non-critical club activity is suspended during the months of June and July as part of the fiscal close. Clubs are able to generate payment requests in SUMS during the summer after the first fiscal close (usually around July 12) for SAF funds or after the second fiscal close (usually around July 24) for discretionary (“Fundraising”) or gift funds. Clubs may also coordinate with the Department of Student Activities to use its P-Card during the summer, provided that the club has adequate funding.

Q: How can my club log on to SUMS? / My UNet ID and password don’t work in SUMS.

A: SUMS has its own login system in which each club has a “login code.” It is not tied to UNet in any way. Please contact the Student Union Treasury to obtain your login and/or have your club’s password reset. New clubs may need to request a SUMS account be created for them, which can also be done through the Student Union Treasury or Student Union Secretary.

Q: A vendor wants Brandeis’ tax certificate. What should my club do?

A: Only the Procurement Services department and select Brandeis staff members can release the tax certificate. No other University offices can issue this document. This can only be done for payments made via Brandeis check or via P-Card. Transactions using the Student Union’s cash advance system do not qualify for use of the Brandeis tax certificate. Clubs should email the Procurement Services department ( and CC the Budget Analyst to facilitate this. Procurement will require an email or fax number, the vendor name, and the purpose of the purchase/transaction; once they have this information, they will send the tax information directly to the vendor.