Accessing Your Funds

Treasurer’s Training takes place every semester. There are two opportunities in the first few weeks of the new term. It is MANDATORY for a club representative from every club who receives funding to attend this training once per year. If your club does not send a representative, it will not receive funding.

Once your club receives funding, there are a variety of ways you can access your money to pay for services.

The following is a quick summary of the most common ways to pay for things. If you have any questions or other circumstances, please don’t hesitate to ask the Student Union Treasurer.

Large Purchases: If a club is purchasing a product or service that costs over $5,000, a purchase order is required through the University. A purchase order is a legal contract between Brandeis University and the vendor to purchase goods or services. Please contact the Student Union Treasurer at regarding the set up of a purchase order. A Capital Expense Form will also be required for all physical goods and/or software totaling $5,000 or more. Capital requests should be completed and submitted by the end of January, and the items should be delivered no later than May.