Club Leader Listserve

To receive important club leadership related emails, we recommend that at least two current members from your club (usually the President and Treasurer) are subscribed to the Club Leaders listserv.

Event Support Meetings

Are you getting ready to plan a program on campus? Come to one of the weekly Event Support Meetings on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. in Room 315 of the Shapiro Campus Center or in Upper Sherman, Hassenfeld Conference Center.

Staff from the Department of Student Activities, Public Safety, Conference and Events Services and a representative from the Student Union are all there to ensure that you are on the right track to programming success!

Forms & Policies

Please visit our Club Forms and Policies page for additional information you may need for your club or organization.

Allocations Board Policies Regarding Use of Student Activities Fee Funds

Now that you have your funding, there are some important policies to be aware of in regards to this money. The following is a list of certain Allocations Board policies regarding the use of Student Activities Fee funds by undergraduate clubs.

Clothing Policy

Clubs may not use Marathon (SAF) funds to order custom clothing, unless it is part of a giveaway at a campus event. You are required to include “Brandeis” or “Brandeis University”, in English, on all sides of purchased apparel. Designs must be approved by Student Activities. Designs can be emailed to (This is a group email with representatives from Student Activities, the Student Union Treasury, A-Board, and Steve Costa, Budget Analyst.) Clubs can, however, purchase clothing if it is going to stay within the club (e.g., if Dance Club buys costumes, the costumes must stay in the club’s possession to be used in future years).

Travel Policy

The Allocations Board reimburses personal vehicle mileage at a fixed rate. Email for the current rate. Both personal vehicle mileage and other travel is at the discretion of A-Board to be funded or not funded. You cannot be reimbursed for gas receipts, except for a rental vehicle (in those cases, proof of rental vehicle is required). If you are booking shuttle buses through a company, you must first get the approval of the Student Union Treasurer and Budget Analyst, and then contact Mark Jay in Procurement to arrange that via a Purchase Order (or on Mark’s p-card). For international travel for team competitions, you should book flights through the Egencia or Carlson Wagonlit travel agency.

Food Policy

Clubs may not purchase food for private events, such as staff meetings or training sessions, using Marathon (SAF) money. (A club can use their fundraising or gift fund for this, as long as they get a food waiver.) Clubs can, however, use SAF funds for support staff for large events (like Campus Activities Board concerts), where the food is written into the performer’s contract, or where the food helps the event happen (e.g., the student group is there setting up for the entire day). Food may be purchased as part of a larger event, such as a fair or cultural gala, that is open to the Brandeis community. The preferred vendor for food is Sodexo. If Sodexo cannot fulfill your event’s needs, you can fill out a food waiver online on the Student Activities webpage at If you will be serving food at your event, you will typically need a custodian to work the event. Be sure to include the cost of a custodian in your Marathon request.

Off campus events do not need a food waiver as long as they mention the location in their PRF.

Prohibited Items

Clubs may not use Marathon (SAF) money to make political donations, fund “retroactive” requests (i.e., when the club spends money before soliciting funds from the Allocations Board), purchase personal gifts (e.g., birthday cards), raise funds for a club or charity, go on retreats, fund club events that are closed to or unlikely to be attended by other members of the Brandeis community, purchase items likely to be or likely to become personal property (e.g., tights or bobby pins), or to purchase any item that would violate Brandeis policy, or city, state, or federal law.

Off Campus Account Policy

Clubs are not permitted to open any form of financial or legal instrument outside of the university in the name of the club or using the Brandeis name. This  includes bank accounts, stock brokerage accounts, PayPal accounts, Venmo accounts, prepaid debit/credit cards, or any other such financial or legal instrument.

Brandeis Branding Policy

Clubs may not order customized “swag” such as club logo pens, frisbees, etc., unless it is part of a giveaway at a campus event. You are required to include “Brandeis” or “Brandeis University”, in English, on all such items. Designs for any logo or decoration on all “swag” (including clothing - see “Clothing Policy”) to be distributed to students, as well as designs for all posters to be displayed on campus, must be approved by Student Activities. You are not allowed to use the Brandeis logo or edit the Brandeis logo without first speaking to the Department of Student Activities. Designs can be emailed to

Tipping Policy

For any food ordered from an off-campus vendor for delivery to campus, the maximum tip for the delivery driver is 20% or $40, whichever is lower. This policy is intended to save money on excessive tips to delivery drivers. If a vendor requires a higher tip, available options include picking up the order in a personal vehicle, renting a ZipCar, or taking a taxi or similar service (if the total cost is less than $40 round trip). Mileage (at 20 cents per mile), taxi fare, and ZipCar rental (but not membership fees) are reimbursable up to a maximum of $40 per food order per event. If you do not think this is possible, please email to request a “tip waiver,” which will be required for all documentation submitted for such orders (either for PRF reimbursement or P-Card documentation).

The general tip guidelines are as follows: Restaurants, 15-20%; Taxis, 15%; Delivery, 10-20%; Take-out food (if picking up yourself), No Tip.

Online Ordering Policy

All online orders for physical goods (e.g. Amazon books, decorations, etc) must be made with a P-Card, either through the Student Union Treasury or through your club’s advisor. Orders placed on a personal card will not be reimbursed without a waiver of this policy, which much be granted in advance of the placement of the order. You may not retroactively request a waiver of this policy. If you believe you need this waived, please email

High Dollar Policy

All merchandise orders of $500 or more require pre-approval of the Budget Analyst and Student Union Treasurer. Please obtain this by emailing To obtain an approval, you need to submit 3 competing price quotes from different vendors, or a “sole source” justification letter explaining that the vendor you want to use is the only one that provides the item or service that you require. Note that you must choose the cheapest option unless you can provide a justification otherwise (such as that the cheaper option lacks a necessary feature or component). All such orders must be made either via a P-Card or via a PRF to the vendor. You should never purchase expensive equipment out of pocket or without prior authorization.