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Brandeis Tickets gladly provides ticketing services for student clubs and organizations. To request Brandeis Tickets' services for your event, please submit a Ticketing Request Form. We recommend that you submit the form at least one month prior to the event. The sooner the better!

In addition to helping you with ticketing your event, we can help you with marketing strategies, including best practices for setting up Facebook events, calendar listings, posters and flyers.

Leigh Hilderbrandt
Marketing and Box Office Manager
Dept. of Student Activities


Programming is an important component of most student organization experiences. While there are numerous ways to program an event, there are some basic rules that will help create a successful program:

  • Start early: It's never too early to start planning a program. Once the idea is born, talk to club members to get interest and brainstorm.

  • Utilize your resources: There are many people that are available to help you with your planning: The Department of Student Activities, Conference and Event Services, the Student Union, Student Events, and other departments or clubs. They may also be able to suggest good co-sponsorship options.

  • Plan every detail: Put thought into every aspect of your program (e.g., cost, location, advertising, potential challenges, and funding)

  • Follow planning procedures: Book space, detail events, obtain funding, communicate with the proper constituents, etc. All of these details are outlined in the pages to follow.

  • Enjoy every moment: Events are meant to be fun! If all the planning is done in advance, you'll be able to enjoy yourself!

  • Reflect post event: After the event is complete, sit down and reflect on how everything went. Take notes and pass them on to other club members so that future planners can learn from your event and experience.