Advertise Your Event

Get FREE advertising by filling out these forms: Submit an Event to the Brandeis Calendar.

Poster Printer

The Department of Student Activities has two poster printers that are available to recognized student groups. Clubs are limited to two posters per event, and students must ask for assistance before using the machines. The poster printers can enlarge your 8.5” x 11” flyer up to a 22”x34” poster. Please see the Student Activities front desk in SCC 203 for more information.

Tables at the SCC and Usdan

The tables at the Shapiro Campu Center and Usdan Student Center are used as vending space for student groups and businesses. In order to advertise an event or fundraise, tables must be reserved through the Department of Student Activities. If you would like to table in the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium or Usdan Student Center outside the mailroom, please fill out the Online Tabling Request form.

Use Brandeis Tickets to Ticket Your Event

Brandeis Tickets gladly provides ticketing services for student clubs and organizations. To request Brandeis Tickets' services for your event, please submit a Ticketing Request Form. We recommend that you submit the form at least one month prior to the event. The sooner the better!

In addition to helping you with ticketing your event, we can help you with marketing strategies, including best practices for setting up Facebook events, calendar listings, posters and flyers.

Leigh Hilderbrandt
Marketing and Box Office Manager
Dept. of Student Activities

Marketing Your Program

Marketing you event is among the most important steps in ensuring the success of your program. If you plan an exciting event, but don’t take the time and effort to market the program, no one will know about it. This section will focus on some tricks of the trade, as well as explain some of the resources that Brandeis has in order to assist you in this endeavor.

Keys to Marketing

Some key points to remember when constructing your marketing plan are:

There is no such thing as too much publicity: Go above and beyond the posters and flyers and be creative! You need to make your marketing and your event stand out from the rest; however, it is always important that you remain respectful of University property.

Consider your purpose, audience, and budget: Be thoughtful about your strategy to publicize. You will need to answer questions such as: Why are we holding this event? What are the outcomes that we would like to achieve? Who do we want to attend? How does our marketing plan fit with our proposed audience? How much money do we have to spend? Lastly, what resources do we have?

Tell them what they want to hear: Your marketing needs to catch someone’s attention, but the person also needs to know why they would be interested in the event. What benefits surround your program? Try spicing up your wording in order to intrigue your audience.

Develop a plan and execute it: Once you have figured out what you want to do based on your budget, audience, and purpose, you should develop a timeline of when you want to implement each strategy. Assign people to each task and follow up with them. Plan ahead so that you have enough time!

Use your mouth: Word of mouth, or talking about your event with others, is one of the best strategies for marketing your event. In everyday conversations with friends, professors, staff and others, talk about your program. The more excited you are about the event, the more excited others will be! Excitement is contagious!

Don’t forget the “day of” publicity:  Even though on the day of your event you will be busy, it is important not to forget to market your event. Having someone walk around with a sandwich board, distributing handbills or chalking sidewalks will help build excitement for those last minute audience members.

Copyright and Trademark Information

When designing posters, t-shirts, flyers, etc., you should keep in mind that most logos, cartoons, etc. are protected by copyright and trademark law. You should always get written permission when reproducing a copyrighted or trademarked item.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a name, word, logo or design used to identify a service or product. The owner of the trademark has the exclusive right to reproduce it. Please refer to the Brandeis Identity Manual for restrictions for using the Brandeis logotype and seal, as well as other stylistic guidelines:

What is a copyright?

A copyright is a form of protection provided to the creators of original works. Copyright owners have the exclusive right to reproduce or change their work that is copyrighted. They may give permission for other entities to use their work and reproduce it.

Works that are protected by copyright

Graphics, sculptures, photographs, cartoons, maps, blueprints, music, lyrics, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, architectural renderings, books, newsletters, computer programs, plays, screenplays, pantomimes and choreographic works, videotapes, DVDs, compact discs, cassettes, and phonograph records.

Promotional Options


  • Keep the design simple, interesting, and clean

  • Include the who, what, where, when, and why of the program (make sure the sponsoring club is listed!)

  • Make sure all spelling is correct!

  • Use unique ideas: cut into different shapes, use colors; anything out of the ordinary

  • Use professionally designed posters

  • A recycle symbol must be on publicity

  • Post in appropriate areas (please see Rights and Responsibilities)

  • Post in areas that target your audience

  • See our Posting Policies page for details on where and what can be posted around campus.

Promotional Items  

  • Design and order cups, wipe boards, key chains, etc. if they are in your budget

  • Make the items unique and useful

  • Tie designs into the theme of your event

  • Shop around, some companies may give better deals

  • A list of Brandeis-approved vendors can be found on the Department of Communications website:

Media Options

  • Campus Calendar: Add your events to the campus calendar so everyone can see your event! Go to:

  • Email Announcements:  In addition to sending announcements to your own club’s mailing list, you can submit announcements to be sent to the entire student body via email. For more information, contact the Student Union Secretary. There is also the “What’s Happening” campus-wide email which is sent out every week by the Director of Student Activities.  To be considered for the "What's Happening" email, your event must be on the Campus Calendar. For service related events “This Week in Service” is sent out by the Director of Community Service every Monday.  Email Lucas Malo at with your submission.

  • Newspaper: The Justice: News Briefs, Coming Attractions, and ads. Get pricing information by calling the Justice directly (781-736-3750). Deadline for information is Friday by 5pm. The Hoot: contact The Hoot at 781-736-4755.

  • WBRS 100.1 FM:  At least one week in advance of the date of which you want “spots” to start, email them to

  • Facebook: Creating Facebook events has been the most common way to get the word out about your events. Please contact Leigh Hilderbrandt, Marketing and Box Office Manager at the Department of Student Activities, in regards to best practices for creating Facebook Events.


To help with promoting your event, selling tickets, or fundraising, sometimes tabling is a great option. Limited tabling space is available in the Usdan Café or in the Shapiro Campus Center on a first-come first-serve basis. You must reserve a table with the Department Coordinator in the Department of Student Activities.  If tabling in Usdan, you will be issued a form that you must have with you at all times during your tabling time to confirm that you have the space booked. Space in the Shapiro Campus Center is also available depending on what events are taking place in the building and can be booked in the Department of Student Activities, room 203 of the Shapiro Campus Center.  

The following guidelines apply to student groups when tabling:

  • Groups should plan on booking their space at least a week or two in advance to ensure space is available, and even further in advance during busy times of the semester.

  • There must always be at least one person present at the table to answer any questions people may have.

  • Groups may be asked to share table space. If for some reason, a group decides not to use the table space, they should call the Department of Student Activities at 781-736-5065 so the table can be released to another group..

  • The table and surrounding area must be kept free of debris and any other materials used by your group, organization or department.

  • The amplification of noise from radios, etc. must be kept at a minimum level. If the noise is too loud, the group may be asked to turn it down. The use of incense and candles is prohibited.

  • Groups may NOT post signs on bulletin boards designated for specific student groups.

  • No additional tables may be used in the Shapiro Campus Center or the Usdan Café area, without going through the booking process. Because of fire regulations, only four organizations can be set up in the Usdan Café area at any given time (sharing a total of two tables). Failure to adhere to the above policy may result in the loss of table privileges for that club, organization, department or student enterprise for the remainder of the semester. Tabling is not allowed in the upper section of the Usdan Dining Hall.

  • Tables may not be moved or removed from the setup location.

Ticket Sales

All clubs that are putting on an event through Allocations Board funding must use Brandeis Tickets, located in the box office in the Shapuir Campus Center. To use this service, please fill out the online form at: or contact the Box Office Manager in the Department of Student Activities. We recommend that you request ticketing services at least one month prior to the event.  


If you wish to advertise to all students through mailbox stuffing, you must obtain permission from the Department of Student Activities. Bring two samples of the flyer you plan to stuff to the office and fill out a form, which when completed and presented to the mailroom staff, will allow you to access student mailboxes. The following rules apply to mailbox stuffings:

  1. Permission is restricted to only the students listed on the permission form as representatives of the named recognized organization. A maximum of six people are allowed.

  2. Only Brandeis-recognized clubs may stuff mailboxes.

  3. Admitting others to the mailroom constitutes a violation of regulations. Violators will be referred to the Student Judicial System.

  4. All inserts must be triple folded neatly before Student Activities authorizes the stuffing.

  5. One copy of the insert must be attached to the form. A second copy must be left with the Student Activities.

  6. Stuffing must commence at the time stated on the form.

  7. Notify the mailroom if stuffing is not completed and additional time is required.

  8. Do not jam inserts into mailboxes-place them in neatly so they don’t obstruct sorting done by mail clerks.

i.     Discard surplus material in recycling containers. Please do not litter.

j.     Mail Services reserves the right to deny the privilege even after the commencing or completion of the stuffing.